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“I will tell you when it’s time to give up, when it’s a lost cause, when there’s no hope left — and we are nowhere near that point yet.”

“I don’t like negative people, either, and I used to be one! When I’d get a massage, two minutes into it I’d say, ‘Darn it, this is going to end.’ And if I bought a new car, I’d say, ‘Yeah, this is great, but someday the new car smell is not going to be here.'”

“If Obama can call ’em sweetie, then I can, too. Actually, I did get reprimanded for calling a co-anchor ‘dear’ once when I was in Kansas City, but I was thinking d-e-e-r when I said it.”

“Barack Hussein Obama expects no retort, no reply, and no criticism because he’s a messiah. And, believe me — I think he buys into this, too. He thinks he’s above all this: ‘Don’t you realize how special I am? I’m Barack Obama!'”

“These wacko busybodies, who ought to mind their own business, have their heads shoved up an orifice that the sun doesn’t shine into. They should get the hell out of everybody’s life! Yes, I’m in a great mood today, Snerdley.”

“I feel like I’m watching a golf tournament when I watch McCain’s speech. It’s like I’m watching the polite applause of the gallery when some goofball golfer taps in for a bogey.”

“Some of us — and I count myself proudly among you — are not willing to go along so willingly with Senator McCain. We aren’t willing to self-censor the substance or the tone of our remarks, because we are not wrong.”

“I’m sure many of you agree with me that there’s a cause for alarm over the future of the country. Well, you don’t rouse your fellow citizens by whispering sweet nothings in their ears.”

“By the way, did any of these Democrats demand that Jimmy Carter apologize for any of his so-called political attacks on his own country while on his international travels? Of course not. They are just upset because somebody got the truth out about Obama and what he intends to do.”

“I don’t think we’re screwed. If I thought we were screwed, I would retire.”

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