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RUSH: Now, you notice, you notice, ladies and gentlemen, how Obama will not hold press conferences. The media doesn’t care about this. He runs around the country claiming credit for things, assigning blame for things. He went to Ford today. We have the sound bite. Where is this sound bite? I think it’s number 3. I’m changing my order on the sound bites from what I said. Where is it? I can’t find it. Never mind. I’ll have to find it during commercial break. He went to Ford. He started praising the federal bailout. (interruption) It is number 3? Play the sound bite. I don’t have the transcript right in front of me. I can’t find what I… Ah, here it is. This is this morning. Obama spoke at the Ford Motor Company Chicago assembly plant, and during the speech you had the Ford plant employees cheering against the Obama bailout. MSNBC happened to pull away from coverage at that point.

OBAMA: Now, Ford was in better financial shape and was able to weather the storm without federal assistance

AUDIENCE: (wild cheering).

MELVIN: President Obama speaking to a friendly crowd there in Chicago.

RUSH: They bumped out of the ‘friendly crowd,’ the Ford Motor employees cheering the fact that they didn’t take a federal bailout and then the dunce reporter Craig Melvin, ‘President Obama speaking to a friendly crowd there…’ It was not a ‘friendly crowd’ in Chicago. The crowd was cheering the fact that they had not taken any federal bailout money. It was a repudiation of Obama. MSNBC had to cut out. So he’s around. He’s claiming credit for all of these things, assigning blame for things, but he will not subject himself to a press conference, even when most of the fake media is friendly. The reason for this is twofold. He’s really not that smart, folks. This is part of the myth that Obama is superior in intellect and intelligence, smarter than all the rest.

He’s not really that smart.

I mean, can we be honest?

Here’s a guy who’s come up with policies, and he claims that what he’s trying to do here is fix the economy and create jobs, and yet everything he’s doing is destroying that. How smart is that? He doesn’t want to prove, he really doesn’t want to illustrate how he is not smart. His policies are indefensible. I mean, there’s no way Obama can defend his economic policies. There’s simply no way. That’s why they are going back to bashing Bush. Obama cannot defend one policy. So he doesn’t even want to stand up there and have a press conference. He doesn’t want to have any scrutiny whatsoever. It’s a lot easier to go out and make pronouncements, send the wife over to Spain, go golfing, jump on a plane to Chicago, have dinner with Oprah, have the media fawn all over you — do all of that — rather than do anything substantive.


RUSH: President Obama went to the Ford plant in Chicago to talk about how he saved the US auto industry. Did you know that he saved the US auto industry? And by the way, the United Autoworkers are planning to target Ford this year for a massive strike. Here’s how Obama did it. This afternoon he was interviewed by CNBC’s Phil LeBeau, who asked President Obama: ‘How do you feel about the fact that Ford was able to rebuild its business without a bailout?’

OBAMA: Well, the interesting thing is if you talk to Ford’s CEO, he’ll tell you that if GM had been liquidated, if Chrysler had been liquidated, that could have been a crisis for the entire industry including Ford because all those suppliers would have been lost and the brand of the American auto industry would have really been greatly diminished.

RUSH: There you have it. President Obama saved the US auto industry with a bailout. Saved Ford, too, because see, if Ford’s competitors had been liquidated, Chrysler and GM, why, Ford would have been destroyed, too, because the brand of the American made automobile would have been diminished. So I, I, Barack Obama, I saved the auto industry. That’s his answer.

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