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Rush’s Morning Update: Backsides
August 5, 2010

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Say, folks, they’re at it again. The regime and their Senate Democrat accomplices are ramming through $26 billion in new spending. The money will be spread out to state governments, with 10 billion of it used to save the jobs of “public employees.” Teachers unions– who’ve been disgruntled with the regime’s education policies– would be the biggest recipients of the Democrats’ new slush fund.

Now, initially, Democrats did not have the votes. They needed one Republican in order to get the slush fund passed in the Senate –they got two. The Judas Sisters, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe fromMaine, joined the Democrats to move the bill forward, breaking the Republican filibuster.

Now for those of you who wonder why the regime is putting so much muscle behind keeping public sector jobs going,when they clearly don’t give a hoot about private sector jobs,there’s an easy answer found in another news item.

AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka says he understands that some union members might be unhappy with the regime,but he is urging them to step up their contributions to Democrats in time for the November elections. As a sign of support, the union will spend over $50 million to aid Democrats in over 20 states.

The unions scratches the regime’s backside,and the regime scratches the union’s backside. The rest of you– the unemployed included– can kissyour backsides goodbye, for all they care.

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