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RUSH: I’ll tell you something, Obama keeps crying wolf. He keeps crying about disaster — worst economy, worst environmental disaster in history, worst, worst, worst, worst, worst — and then, of course, his rescue of the unwashed from the worst, worst, worst. So everything is the worst, it’s never been worse, and here comes Obama riding in to save the day. This is dangerous and misleading because one of these days something really is going to be the worst (other than his administration). Something really is going to be the worst and people are going to become immune to claims that it’s the worst. It might be something really serious and nobody’s going to pay any attention to him because everything has been the worst.

By the way, the latest Gallup poll just hit. Obama’s approval among whites is at 38% and at 41% overall. We still haven’t had partisan political operative media do any major news focus on Obama’s approval number in Gallup at 41%, 38% among whites. You have people in California are voting against same-sex marriage; it ends up in federal court. We’re waiting on a court ruling from California this afternoon, a federal judge, on whether or not banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. Everybody is waiting breathlessly on this. People in Missouri voted 71% or 72% against Obamacare. The federal government will ignore the vote.

How long is it going to be before Holder and Obama decide to sue Missouri like they sued Arizona? The people in Arizona support a law that enforces immigration rules, and the federal government sues them. Do you see a pattern here? The country is upside down. We are being ruled, not governed. We are being ruled by a minority, pure and simple — and they are not interested, at all, in the opinions of the American people. What’s really worst? Worst oil spill, worst disaster, worst economy, worst this and that? Obama’s poll numbers are really the worst: 38% approval among whites, 41% approval overall.

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