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RUSH: I must admit to you today that we have a new American dream. The new immediate American dream is no longer owning a house, can we admit that? I mean, that’s a fantasy. The new American dream is repealing Obamacare. The overwhelming passage of Proposition C in Missouri, this is the first vote and maybe you can look at it almost as a poll. The first vote on the new American dream: Removing Obama from our lives and repealing Obamacare. Not just Obamacare but Obama and his entire unconstitutional prosperity?killing policies and agenda. The new American dream obviously is to retain the Constitution as written.

It is amazing, 72% of the people in Missouri voted to repeal Obamacare, 79% in Cape Girardeau County, which is my county. This is stunning news to a lot of people. Cannot believe this happened. The political class, the ruling class inside the Beltway is in a state of denial about this as is the partisan political operative media, and this is the closest indication we’ve had to a public poll on this. This is called a landslide, folks, 71, 72%.


RUSH: I’m noticing during the commercial breaks that State-Controlled Media, partisan political operatives, the left, the Democrat Party is trying to spin the Missouri results. Well, of course a bunch of Republicans, a bunch of Tea Party people showed up. What would you expect? This is nothing earth-shattering. Well, well, well. So they are already trying to spin this huge defeat for Obama as no big deal, it’s just the extremists in the Tea Party. So we’ll have to set that straight.


RUSH: Now the regime has been given a huge wake-up call in Missouri, and they and their partisan political operatives in the media are trying to spin this. Of course, of course it’s just a bunch of Republicans showing up. We know this is going to happen in November. The Republicans are far more energized. It’s just these Tea Party extremists. No, no, no. More people showed up to vote yesterday than have showed up in Republican and Democrat primary elections. Missouri is a ‘Show-Me’ state and they showed people. That’s all you need to know about Missouri or Missourah, depending on your preference. Seventy-two percent voted to get rid of, repeal, to state their opposition. McCain only carried Missouri by 1 percentage point, 50-49%. It took ten days to finally count that. Don’t tell me that this is just the Tea Party showing up to vote. This is Democrats showing up to vote. This is independents showing up to say ‘We don’t want this. We don’t want any part of Obamacare.’

The New York Times, Monica Davey: ‘Missouri Voters Reject Health Law — Missouri voters on Tuesday easily approved a measure aimed at nullifying the new federal health care law, becoming the first state in the nation where ordinary people –‘ it actually says that ‘– made known their dismay over the issue at the ballot box.’ Ordinary people. As opposed to who? The ruling class? The political class? ‘The measure was intended to invalidate a crucial element of President Obama’s health care law — namely, that most people be required to get health insurance or pay a tax penalty. Supporters of the measure said it would send a firm signal to Washington about how this state, often a bellwether in presidential elections, felt about such a law.’ You know, it’s good to have this. It’s great to have this vote on record, but we already know what most people in this country think of this. We’ve had polling data on it for months now. Those people don’t like it. They didn’t like it before it was voted on. The Democrats have been governing against the will of the people for 18 months now. ”My constituents told me they felt like their voices had been ignored and they wanted Washington to hear them,’ Jane Cunningham, a state senator and Republican who had pressed for a vote, said Tuesday night. ‘It looks to me like they just picked up a megaphone.”

Later in the New York Times story it says: ‘For some, the outcome was not merely about health care, but about the role of states in setting policy. ‘This really wasn’t an effort to poke the president in the eye,’ said State Senator Jim Lembke, a Republican. ‘First and foremost, this was about defining the role of state government and the role of federal government. Whether it’s here in Missouri with health care or in Arizona with illegal immigration, the states are going to get together on this now.” The states are the last line of defense against this encroaching federal agenda. Yeah, it was a poke in the eye, but what Senator Lembke is saying is that it wasn’t an effort to poke. He’s right. He’s saying, ‘We didn’t do this just to embarrass Obama. We did this because we mean it.’ But it ends up being a poke in the eye. They didn’t do it for spite. They did it because they genuinely don’t like it.

Ed Morrissey at HotAir.com, this is the full quote from his analysis: ‘Bear in mind that over 315,000 Democrats turned out to cast ballots in the primary that nominated Robin Carnahan, while over 577,000 Republicans hit the polls. That is about a 65/35 split — which means that a significant amount of Democrats either supported the ballot measure repudiating Obamacare, or didn’t bother to cast a vote to defend the program. Actually, Prop C got more votes than the combined voting in both Senate primaries — which tells us something even more about the passion in the electorate,’ over this issue. And the Democrats and the media are trying to spin this as just a Tea Party vote, just a Republican vote. Remember, McCain barely eeked out a one percentage point win in the State of Missouri. So this is a big poke in the eye, whether it was intended to be or not. It’s not just the health care reform. The message here: It’s the socialism, stupid, and we don’t want it.

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