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RUSH: Stony Point, New York. Irene, thank you for calling. You are next on the Rush Limbaugh program.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, for taking the phone call and thank you for everything you do. Truly. Congratulations on your marriage. Today we celebrate the gift of Obama’s birthday where with his ethnic background, his chances of being born were not that great — and I just want to let you know because most people aren’t even covering this story, but a group of very good conservative Jewish rabbis and their flocks are going to be outside Senator Schumer’s and Senator Gillibrand’s office today at 2:45. Their office is, I believe, Third Street or Seventh Street. I’m not a New York City girl, so… But they’ll be at their offices at 2:45 and they are going to demand a filibuster of Kagan. Now, I know that seems so much out of the realm of possibility but God bless these Jewish brothers and sisters because they are not taking this fiasco lying down.

RUSH: Well, what they realize is that this is not a judicial appointment. It’s political.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Elena Kagan is not a judicial appointment. She has no judicial temperament. She’s not got any experience. She is a political appointment. She is an Obama rubber stamp. She is to advance the Obama political agenda on the Supreme Court. This is insurance against losing elections, and that’s what your rabbis know.

CALLER: Yes. And there was a group of about 50 who went to his Peekskill office — Senator Schumer’s office, Peekskill office — and we were amazed at the number of motorists that would drive by and just thank us for being out there. And we had time to say, you know, ‘Save our country, filibuster Kagan, and save the troops.’ You know, people don’t understand that Obama’s going to come and go, okay? But Kagan, if she gets on that court, she doesn’t go.

RUSH: Well, now wait a minute. You say Obama’s going to come and go. That presumes that there will be elections.

CALLER: Oh, absolutely. (laughing) This is still America, right?

RUSH: I’m just kidding, leftists. I’m just kidding. I’m just teasing you. Thank you, Irene, very much. Appreciate the call.

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