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RUSH: Now, here’s another example of the government and Congress specifically not being on the same page as the American people.

This is a Reuters story. Here’s the headline: ‘Congress Questions BP’s Use of Dispersants in Gulf.’ Now, let me put this in context. The oil spill has been stopped, the leak has been stopped. They can’t find the oil. They’re looking for it. It’s hiding next to the three and a half million jobs Obama saved. But they can’t find it. They’ve opened fisheries. Marsh grass is growing from the outset, and I, the obnoxious anti-environmentalist Rush Limbaugh predicted all of this, and TIME Magazine acknowledges that I — they called me obnoxious — predicted all this. No big deal. It’s not that much oil compared to the water volume in the Gulf, not that much water. There is no oil, the leak has been stopped, problem solved. So what does Congress do? Congress questions BP’s use of dispersants in the Gulf.

‘BP’s use of dispersant chemicals on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is sparking questions from a U.S. congressional panel, which says the company used more of these compounds than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had directed. But the EPA indicated in a statement on Sunday that the difference between what the agency directed and what BP and the U.S. Coast Guard achieved is slight — the difference between a 75 percent cut in dispersant use and a 72 percent cut. The environmental agency acknowledged, however, that the use of dispersants is ‘always a difficult decision.’ … At the heart of the questions is a May 26 directive from EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and then-on-scene coordinator Admiral Mary Landry, making the use of dispersants a last resort and ordering BP to cut the use of these chemicals by 75 percent from a peak of 70,000 gallons (260,000 liters) used on May 24.’

So there’s no oil, there’s no toxicity, marshlands are coming back, the fisheries are being opened, problem solved, and yet Congress is jumping on BP now for overusing dispersants. Why? What is the point of this? They have to justify their existence. They have to justify the panic. They have to justify the chaos that they called. They have to justify the $20 billion shakedown. This oil spill was the worst environmental disaster in the history of the nation, and now they can’t even find it. And so here comes the brave, courageous Democrat-controlled Congress: (imitating Dems) ‘Well, BP still a bunch of creeps, BP still doing things wrong, BP still overusing dispersants, we need hearings, we’re gonna frog march these executives back up here.’

Obviously Mother Nature — i.e., God — and the ocean can handle the dispersants just as well and as easily as the ocean seawater can handle the oil. So here comes Congress to get in on the act after the problem’s solved because this disaster was supposed to fuel votes. This disaster was supposed to be ongoing. They didn’t want this leak stopped. This happened too soon. Why, it was not even August 1st when this thing was stopped. No chance to get any gain in the elections in November from this now. The dispersant is not even a regulated substance. The name of the dispersant is called Corexit. It’s not even regulated. It is not toxic. It is not combustible. It has never been a regulated toxic material. And yet the United States Congress is charging BP with overusing it by a mere 3%. The EPA says that’s the minimal amount that they used above and beyond what we suggested.

This is no different than when the levees broke in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina, the very people who were allocated the money and demanded the levees be shored up get to act like spectators, like they had no role in it. The same thing here. These Democrats moving in, okay, the problem got fixed, they can’t take credit for it. No member of Congress did anything other than talk about how bad it was going to be, the end of life as we know it, perhaps the end of the Gulf, and all the private sector businesses there, and now, can’t even find it. They have to get themselves back in the game here and act like they’re on the case and BP is still the enemy, capitalism still the enemy, government is good, government is holding evil capitalists to account. The toxic stew is in Washington. The toxic stew is the US Congress. The greed is not found in the corporate boardroom alone. Greed is the fuel of Washington, DC.


RUSH: This story on the dispersants in the Gulf, it’s a Reuters story and it’s all about whether there’s other poison out there. (Gasp!) ‘Yeah, that evil BP! They poisoned the Gulf with their oil spill. Now they poisoned it with dispersants.’ They can’t find enough oil slicks (they can’t find enough oil, period) or other signs of horror or disaster to support the narrative of environmental doom and disaster. So instead Congress has to get in the game along with the media. ‘Well, these evil BP people put all these dispersants in the Gulf!’

So now we have another approaching doom, another catastrophe: Dispersants. ‘What will dispersants do to the fishies?’ Dispersants are in Tide. Dispersants are in your laundry detergent. They are not toxic. It doesn’t matter how much you put in there — and there’s not enough, particularly the Gulf, to affect it. The amount of dispersants that have been used in the Gulf would not even fill one-tenth of a thimble compared to the water volume of the Gulf, and yet they won’t let go. They won’t let go.

‘Damn it, there’s no oil slick! Damn it, we can’t find oil! We’ve gotta come up with some other disaster and blame the private sector for it.’

That’s all that’s going on with the story about dispersants.

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