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RUSH: Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff, on CNN last night, John King said, ‘The federal government cites statistics, says, ‘You know, there are more guys on the border than ever before, there’s less major crime along the border than ever before. This is an overreaction you people are having.”

ARPAIO: Why don’t they just say, ‘Thank you, sheriff, let’s join forces? We cannot do this job alone. We need local law enforcement to work together.’ The feds can’t do this job alone. They know it, the people know it, but why are they fighting us? Why don’t we join together? We go after bank robberies, federal, we go after guns, ATF, we do all these other federal laws, but why is it this one law, this other federal law, causes so much controversy from the White House all the way down to the streets of Phoenix? I don’t understand that.

RUSH: Yes, he does understand it and he’ll explain it here in the next sound bite. He’s got a great point here. You listen to that answer carefully, it’s the same thing Obama’s doing with the economy. If he really wanted to fix it he would partner with business. If he really wanted to stop the oil leak in the Gulf, he would have partnered with BP. If he really wanted to secure the border he would partner with Arizona. After all we’re one country, we have the same objective. No, we don’t. The objectives of 70 to 80% of the people are not the objectives of this regime. This regime’s objectives are all political. They’re all about voter registration, it’s all about amnesty, it’s all about undocumented Democrats becoming documented so they can go out there and vote for Democrats from Obama on down, pure and simple.

This is a great point from the sheriff. Why are we in Arizona the enemy? Why aren’t the people crossing the border dragging drugs and bodies and committing all kinds of crime, why aren’t they the enemy? Why are we in Arizona the enemy of our own government? Why is our own government governing against our will? Why does our own government partner with others opposed to our own national and state self-interests? A great, great question because Obama’s agenda is not Arizona’s. Obama’s agenda is not the agenda of 70 to 80% of the people in the country. John King said, ‘What do you think the answer is, sheriff? I mean you say so much controversy from the White House all the way down to the streets of Phoenix. We partner on every other crime, why not this. I don’t understand it. Well, what do you think the answer is, sheriff?’

ARPAIO: I’ll tell you what the answer is. They want amnesty. Employers want to keep hiring cheap labor and politicians want to make sure they get the Hispanic vote. Doesn’t everybody know that?

RUSH: Doesn’t everybody know that? It probably was news to the people at CNN.


RUSH: To Rochester, New York, Rick, you’re first on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Giga dittos for you. I’ve been a front row classroom student of yours since 1990.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: My only point is that we need to get better about turning the arguments back around on the liberals. I loved Sheriff Arpaio’s comments yesterday, but I wish he’d pressed the reporter to say, ‘What level of crime are you comfortable with?’ I feel like the reporter was patronizing him pointing out his successes at crime suppression but then he made the snarky comment, ‘Well, isn’t that good enough?’ I wish sheriff Arpaio had said, ‘What exact level of crime should I be comfortable with?’

RUSH: Well, here’s what Arpaio knows. Arpaio knows that he’s gonna leave that studio, but the anchor, the activist is not. Joe Arpaio knows he does not sit behind a Golden EIB Microphone. He has a pistol and a baton, but he doesn’t have a microphone. A lot of you, I know you don’t like the way our people appear on TV. Turn it around on the media. You want to see the media shamed; you want to see them exposed; you want to see them humiliated. But that’s a visceral pleasure. It’s nothing more than a visceral pleasure because in truth, nobody is doing more to keep the people safe in Arizona than Joe Arpaio. There’s no reason to be critical of Joe Arpaio because of how he does or doesn’t behave in the media. This is how we get sidetracked. Leave handling the media to me. Let Arpaio be the great sheriff that he is. He doesn’t need to sit there and provoke John King, it’s not worth it. He’s talking to somebody with the intellect of a pencil eraser. What’s the point? John King, everybody at CNN, everybody in the media is a known entity. They are partisan political operatives. Joe Arpaio’s not going to change their minds, and, by the way, if John King or anybody else gets humiliated, who’s going to see it? There’s nobody watching CNN.

I guarantee you more people heard what Sheriff Arpaio said on this program than who watched him say it on CNN. And Joe Arpaio is not a conservative political leader. I know he runs for office and gets elected but he does his job, he’s focused on it, he does it very well. Now, we can search for these visceral pleasures. ‘Yeah, did you see what Arpaio did to the journalist?’ The journalist is just going to sit there and say, ‘This is not about me. I’m here asking the questions.’ Okay, then what? Arpaio: ‘No, no, you’re asking them, but I want to know what you think.’ Oh, we’d love to see it. We would love to see it. And I’ve tried it. You know, I do it. I do it. And you still complain that I shoulda said something else that I didn’t say. I’m just kidding.


RUSH: Let me give you some statistics on Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County, Arizona. Maricopa County has deported 26,000 illegal aliens, illegal Democrats, which means they have deported a whopping six and a half percent of Arizona’s illegal population over the last four years. These figures come from the partisan political operatives at AP. AP’s own numbers. Is that really such a tremendous number? Twenty-six thousand sounds like a lot. Do you think that only six and a half percent of murderers should be rounded up? Do you think only six and a half percent of rapists or purse snatchers or muggers or drug dealers, six and a half percent of drug dealers, do you think only six and a half percent of them should be rounded up? Six and a half percent, Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio, and we got people in this country that think Joe Arpaio is the bad guy.

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