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Rush’s Morning Update: The Issue
July 30, 2010

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My friends, if you are seething that a Clinton-appointed federal judge single-handedly gutted Arizona’s immigration law, listen up: There’s another immigration program that’s also coming under attack by liberals.

The program is called Secure Communities. Since 2007, jurisdictions in 26 states have been using fingerprints of everybody booked into jail for any reason to check for immigration status. Pro-illegal-immigration activists recently filed suit to ban the practicebecause they claim it has the potential to result in too many deportations — even more than the Arizona law would have.

In other words, it works. Since October 2008, some 2.5 million people have been screened through the program. 35,000 of them were found to be illegal immigrants with criminal histories, including major crimes like rape and murder. Over 200,000 others had arrest records for less-serious infractions.

Get this:Aside from being effective, the Secure Communities program does not cost local jurisdictions any more than they would normally spend,since everyone who gets screened is under arrest anyway. Nonetheless, San Francisco and the DC City Council are just two of the blue cities that have refused to implement it.

Now, what these liberal politicians are saying loud and clear is that they’d rather expose tax-paying citizens to rape, murder, and other heinous crimesthan identify criminals who are in the United States illegallyand get them out of here.

Arizona is just a symptom. The cancer eating away at America is liberalism.

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