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RUSH: All right, let’s go to the audio sound bites. The View. You know, Obama is taping his appearance there, maybe already did. It will air tomorrow. As I said at the top of the program: ‘Whatever else comes of this, Obama is going to provide some much needed estrogen to that show.’ So the gals are discussing Elton John today. Elton John, of course, came out yesterday and said, ‘Hey, yeah, I’ll play Arizona.’ He was in Tucson. He got on all these other people that don’t, these other musicians. He played Israel during the flotilla controversy. Of course it had to be mentioned in the story that Elton John played my wedding reception, and they also pointed out that Elton John, even though I am ‘vehemently anti-gay marriage and Elton John is married.’ He’s not.

Elton John is not married to David Furnish, and Elton John is not a supporter of gay marriage. Elton John is on the same page as I am, as is Obama on gay marriage. He’s for civil unions, but he’s not for marriage. We got a nice card from him yesterday. I scanned it. He sent it from Los Angeles. He sent it on the 24th and we got it yesterday. It’s just a beautiful card, and some of the things he wrote… He knows me, Elton John. After the time we spent together this past year, he knows me better than some people who have known me for decades. It really was beautifully written, a very nice card. Here are the girls on The View discussing Elton John. Here we have Sherri Shepherd and the former Fox News anchorette and infobabe E. D. Hill, who I’m told now has a radio show (but then, who doesn’t?).

SHEPHERD: Saying that music is supposed to heal and bring everybody together.

WOMAN: Mmmuh!

SHEPHERD: You don’t get to cherry-pick your conscience. So that’s one way of looking at it. Music is beyond it.

WOMAN: Mmm! Mmm!

SHEPHERD: You know, sports is beyond…that.

HILL: He’s always made clear. He’s about the money. You know?

WOMAN: (clucking)

HILL: ‘I’m there. I’m doing the concert.’

SHEPHERD: He played at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding.

HILL: He played at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding.

RUSH: ‘He always made it clear he’s about the money.’ Ummm, I thought he’s made it clear he’s about ‘building bridges.’ At any rate, there are the gals on The View discussing all of this. And Obama has told the Boy Scouts: Go to hell; I’d rather go fund-raise, and I would rather go appear on The View and take some estrogen to that show.

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