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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I want to give you a glittering and shining example of what we were discussing yesterday in regards to the ruling class and how nobody — well, not nobody, but how many people — really never get out of high school, how what they really want is to be accepted into big clique. And in Washington that’s to be part of the ruling class. Here is this morning on Capitol Hill, Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Senator Lindsey Grahamnesty.

GRAHAM: The last election had consequences. At the end of the day, after the hearing, it was not a hard decision for me to make. I thought she did a very good job and she will serve this nation honorably — and it would not have been someone I would have chosen. But the person who did choose, President Obama, I think chose wisely.

RUSH: There you have it, Lindsey Grahamnesty supporting Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court and this basically Senator Grahamnesty begging to be accepted into the ruling class. ‘I want to be with you boys. I want to be with you guys.’ How in the world do you say that? ‘I would not have chosen somebody like her but the person who did choose her chose wisely.’ What? What? Thank you, Senator Grahamnesty.

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