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RUSH: James Carville, last night on CNN, Anderson Cooper 44, Cooper said, ‘What else do you want people to know about what’s going on right now down in New Orleans? I mean there’s a new moratorium that’s going to be in place, that’s a huge concern, but now it sounds like people on the presidential commission are backtracking, saying it may not take six months.’

CARVILLE: The people here have been so let down. The federal government let us down. They’re killing the economy here. People in the interior department that issue these things don’t have the foggiest idea about life here, they don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s going on, and they have got to do something about this because the federal government is about to kill us.

RUSH: James Carville. Translate that: Obama is about to kill us with this drilling moratorium. (imitating Carville) ‘The people in the interior department don’t know what’s going on down here.’ They most certainly do, James, that’s the whole point. They most certainly do.

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