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RUSH: People are starting to ask, ‘How did he ever get elected? How did this happen?’ Let me make the complex understandable. ‘Barack Hussein Obama. Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!’ got elected due to his ability to tell Americans to go to hell in such a way where a majority of them actually looked forward to the trip. But reality has now changed a lot of minds. The CBS poll is out. It’s not good news for the Bamster. In fact, we have a bunch of polling data here. This is from the Pew/National Journal poll. And the headline: ‘Obamacare Still Unpopular.’ Do you remember how Pelosi told us we’d love the health care bill once it was passed? I don’t think if that’s working. ‘Almost four months after the passage of major health care legislation, the law remains unpopular with the public.

‘Nearly half of Americans disapprove of the health care law, while just 35% approve of the measure, an overwhelming proportion of opponents of health care legislation, 37%, favor repealing it as soon as possible. Just 7% [Just 7%!] of the people polled say they want to let the law stand and see how it works. Just 7%. But Pelosi told us that after it was passed we would all find out what’s in it and love it. Seventy-four percent in the CBS/New York Times poll ‘say that the stimulus had no effect or may have made the economy worse.’ There is pessimism galore in this poll about the economy and low marks for the leader of the regime. ‘Americans cite the economy as the nation’s number one problem,’ not the oil spill, by the way.

‘The economy is the nation’s number one problem,’ and by a wide margin, the lack of jobs tops the list of specific economic problems.’ And the regime today has the audacity to say that the stimulus ‘created or saved three million jobs,’ that without the stimulus, it would be even worse than it is today, even though it is not possible in a scientific, empirical way to calculate jobs ‘saved.’ And we all know there have not been any jobs created. So the regime once again is lying, blatantly, brazenly to the American people who are not falling for it. ‘A wide margin of Americans say the lack of jobs tops the list of specific economic concerns. Americans’ prognosis for the economy is also poor.

‘Very few think things are improving either nationally or in their local market, and most think the effects of the recession will continue for two more years or even longer. Fifty-two percent of Americans do not think Obama has spent enough time addressing the economy and many say that his policies has had no impact on them or on the economy generally. The president’s approval rating on handling the economy is 40%, down five points from last month. The public is divided on Obama’s overall job rating and on whether he shares their priorities for the country. While he is viewed as decisive, more than half think the president’s not tough enough when dealing with the country’s problems.’ It’s a disaster. And Pelosi is ticked off at Gibbs for saying the Republican could win the House. I don’t believe it.


RUSH: We — you and I — are living through the pathetic death throes of socialism as a viable political philosophy. It is failing and imploding everywhere around the world where it has and is being tried. This series of wicked, unconstitutional experiments from the New Deal to the ‘Big F-ing Deal,’ which is what we call Obama here, is about to collapse under its own weight. It’s why Obama voters are so unhappy. They wanted checks in the mail. They didn’t want health insurance premiums to pay. They thought checks were coming! They thought free this was coming, they thought free that was coming, and then they thought happiness would follow. They wanted their student loans forgiven, not taken over by the government that will put them in jail if they don’t pay up. They wanted free cars!

They got in Toyotas and they purposely hit the gas pedal claiming they hit the brakes, trying to get money out of Toyota. These are the Obama voters, the American left trying to make the quick buck without having to work, thinking everything was going to be given to them. They didn’t want Cash for Clunkers. They wanted free cars. They wanted free houses, not a discount on the mortgage they were tricked into. No, no, no! They wanted free houses. Barack Obama was elected due to his ability to tell Americans to go to hell in such a way that a majority of them actually looked forward to the trip, but now reality has changed things.


RUSH: To the phones we go! Tina, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it’s nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Congratulations from an oil-soaked Louisiana.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Okay. Monday night, I went to my fourth tea party, and you want to talk about diversity? I mean, age, ethnicity, status. You know, upper, middle, lower class, you name it, it’s there. It just irks me to no end. In fact one of my good friends who’s a host on this station —

RUSH: Let me ask you a question, Tina. You say this is your fourth tea party meeting.


RUSH: In the modern vernacular, how would you define the tea party? What is it?

CALLER: A bunch of people who are really upset with the way our country is going, the way government is not listening to them —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — and —

RUSH: That’s very good. You didn’t say Republican, Democrat, conservative, or liberal. You said these are people upset —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — at the way the country is going, the government not listening to them. I assume the tea party is very much concerned about the government’s rate of growth?

CALLER: Right. Absolutely. The policies that are going on, the health care, every bit of it. Everything you talk about, we talk about. It’s gone to a boiling point and people are just frustrated.

RUSH: So the tea party does not exist to specifically defeat Democrats or African-Americans or Republicans or liberals.


RUSH: The tea party exists for the express purpose of revitalizing America as founded?

CALLER: Yes. Exactly. Exactly. And I have to tell you, Rush, I know your time is short, but my dad — departed dad, he’s deceased — but there are plenty of days… I know you’ll tell us when to panic, but he had this saying, ‘I don’t even want to go buy green bananas.’ (laughs)

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: Granted that was when he was dying, but still.

RUSH: Wait a second. You have to explain that. The people in Rio Linda might not understand what you mean.

CALLER: (laughing) Well, green bananas aren’t ripe yet and you have to wait a day or two for them to turn completely yellow.

RUSH: And you’re not convinced that tomorrow’s gonna come, that they are ever going to ripen.


RUSH: That’s how pessimistic you get sometimes?

CALLER: Yes. Absolutely. Absolutely.

RUSH: Well, we haven’t reached that point yet.

CALLER: I know, but —

RUSH: As duly noted, I’ll tell you when it’s time to panic and pack up.

CALLER: I know you will.

RUSH: Yeah. You can count on that.

CALLER: Thanks.

RUSH: All right, appreciate it, Tina. Here’s John in Crofton, Maryland, you’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: How you doing, Rush?

RUSH: Very well. Thanks.

CALLER: For people in Rio Linda, Crofton, Maryland, is in Anne Arundel County where Annapolis the capital is. I’m 20 minutes from downtown Washington except on the night that you’re appearing there, and I almost missed the start of your show, in 2006. But the reason I called is because I guess it’s about what, the centennial, the hundredth anniversary of the NAACP that was started by three white people around 1909?

RUSH: Yeah, 1909. February 12th, 1909, is when it was, yeah.

CALLER: Michelle Obama I guess was taken off the bench by our messiah and sent in the game to do his dirty work. I’m surprised she didn’t show up at the All-Star Game last night to throw out the first pitch because I think she can’t do any worse than he does.

RUSH: (chuckling)

CALLER: But the thing I called about was I heard her comparing the success in public education — I guess she didn’t use that word but we all knew she was talking about public schools — of white kids having a higher achievement rate over black kids, and that this has to be changed around, and I’m thinking, ‘Why didn’t she send her kids to the DC public schools?’ They said, ‘Well, because of security.’ No, they’re up at Sidwell Friends, one of the most exclusive schools in the country. Her husband has that kind of experience, he went to Punahou High School in Honolulu, which was an expensive school paid for by his ‘white grandmother.’ But in DC public schools cost about $17,000 a year per pupil. I doubt if it’s much more expensive to go to Sidwell Friends, and she and her husband are doing nothing to give choice to the kids in DC. They’re doing the exact opposite.

RUSH: They’re doing the exact opposite. They’re denying choice. She and her husband canceled the voucher program that would allow public school students to actually attend places like Sidwell Friends. Mrs. Obama also talked about ‘crumbling school buildings’ in her speech to the NAALCP. That particularly offended me. We’ve spent I don’t know how many millions, billions every year on education — on buildings, infrastructure, and so forth. Whose fault is it that there are crumbling buildings? Who runs these places? Go to any city that is crumbling and check out who runs them. I mentioned this yesterday. My grandfather attended a one-room school. It didn’t have air-conditioning or running water or any of that, and he got a fine education.

Now, that speech by Michelle Obama yesterday is in the same vein as their resolution condemning the tea party for racism. They know damn well that the Democrat base is dejected and demoralized, not inspired and not motivated to vote. They are distressed and depressed because they thought they’d be loved. They thought that everybody would love them. They thought. You know, just like the Republicans made the mistake of assuming in 1994 when they won the House that the country had gone conservative the Democrats on the left assumed that when they won the House in 2006, that the country wanted more FDR and more New Deal, more, you know, full-fledged liberalism.

So they passed all this stuff, and they’ve got health care, and they’ve got all these grandiose plans — stimulus, wonderful stuff — and the public is rejecting them. It’s all over the news. CBS, New York Times poll, the Pew Center poll, the Hotline poll, the National Journal poll, the ABC/Washington Post poll, the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, it’s everywhere. None of this — 74% of the people think we’re headed in the wrong direction. They say the stimulus is not working. In fact, it’s been a drag, it’s been a hindrance. All these liberals thought they were going to be in the big clique. They were going to be loved. They were going to be popular, and their issues were going to lead to a utopia and a panacea. None of it has happened. What they’re witnessing is the absolute crumbling and failure of their own ideas, implemented by them.

They are the people we were waiting for, they said. ‘We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.’ Well, finally after generations, the right people to implement socialism and fairness and equality and social justice had arrived on the scene, and they began to implement it — and the country doesn’t like it. The country doesn’t like them. The country is agitated, irritated, angry and upset and wants to throw them out. They are depressed, angry, livid, and outraged above and beyond what they are outraged and angry normally every day. When you set out to be loved, universally loved, adored, respected, idolized, and it doesn’t happen? (snorts) It’s a hard crash to reality.

And then your precious, beloved ideas of fairness and justice and equality and everybody having the same of everything — everybody having a free Toyota, everybody having a free house, everybody having health care with no insurance premium, everybody having whatever they want — hasn’t happened. In fact, fewer people, and fewer people are even able to get what they need. More and more people aren’t even concerned with what they want. More and more Americans are focused on what they need, because the policies of the left have destroyed the mechanism whereby wants and needs are created and provided. So all around them the crumbling edifice that represents their glorious ideas smacks ’em upside the head, and then they see that their beloved anointed One is sinking in popularity. He’s no longer loved and considered messianic. It’s a deep psychological pool in which these people are sinking.


RUSH: Bob, Stamford, Connecticut, you’re next, Rush Limbaugh program, hi.

CALLER: Okay, Rush, thank you very much. Actually it’s Bud, B-u-d. First-time caller listening for about a year and a half and you are the greatest.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much. I’m sorry I got your name wrong, Bud.

CALLER: No problem. I’ve been called worse. Rush, I was just outraged on this NAACP calling the Tea Party leaders, or the Tea Party racists. When I heard that I almost did a double flip, and I’m in a wheelchair and that’s hard to do.

RUSH: Well, you know why they’re doing it, don’t you?

CALLER: Yeah. Well, yeah. Yeah. Trying to stir up their people —

RUSH: Right. Now, Bud, stop and think of that. What do black leaders think you have to do to get black voters energized, energized enough to care about voting? What do black leaders think? It’s not talk about jobs; it’s not talk about self-improvement; it’s not talk about economic growth, no, no, no. You gotta tell them that there are nothing but racists out there and that’s the only way, when you get down to the nut-cracking time, when you are desperate, the only way to get black voters engaged is to tell ’em that there are racists out there. That’s pretty sad. That’s pretty pathetic.

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