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RUSH: Toledo, Ohio, this is Blaine. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. The last time we spoke I was in your studio audience in New York City years ago. It’s a pleasure to talk to you.

RUSH: Many, many, many moons ago that would be.

CALLER: Yeah. I loved it. But last night I dropped my fork while eating dinner because Steve Hayes on Bret Baier’s show was commenting on how bad things are for the Democrats, and I think he’s right, but one of his data points was the primary we had in May right here in Toledo, Ohio, and how there were so many more people that were switching from Democratic to Republican registration. He said there were 3,700 of them, but actually two of those 3,700 are here in my car and we voted for Hillary in Operation Chaos and the reverberations are coming down to today.

RUSH: You mean switch from Republican to Democrat?

CALLER: No, from Democrat to Republican in this primary. You see, in order to vote for Hillary in Operation Chaos, we had to register as Democrats.

RUSH: Oh, right. Right, right, right, right. Right, right, right.

CALLER: And there were a great number of us that I know that did that, and at least I would guess 3,700, because it’s the number Steve quoted. I like Steve Hayes and stuff, but I don’t think he realizes that Operation Chaos had that effect. So, of course, this May we voted Republican again, but I just thought, ‘Gee, that takes me back. How the heck was it that so many people switched from Democrat to Republicans?’

RUSH: Well, let me tell you something. Steve Hayes, it may have escaped him — and I like Steve Hayes, too, don’t misunderstand, but don’t doubt me. There are plenty of people in the State-Controlled Media who know full well about Operation Chaos, and they were tracking it. They know full well what happened, and they weren’t happy about it. We even had, in Indiana, Democrat Party officials talking about Operation Chaos. They were on the lookout for it. (laughing) They were looking for Operation Chaos operatives, people switching their voter registration temporarily from Republican to Democrat to vote for Hillary. This was to keep the primaries going, because our primary had been decided. McCain was our nominee, and this audience normally wouldn’t care about the Democrat primary, so we got ’em involved and kept them interested.

We thought, and I said this at the time, Obama needed to be bloodied up politically. Nobody was laying a hand on the guy, and Hillary was the woman to do it. The Clintons were the one to do it, were trying to get a little energy here, a little support, and hence it was Operation Chaos. It worked in Texas. It worked in Ohio. It worked in Pennsylvania. It worked in Indiana. Of course there were those who said, ‘No, it didn’t work. There’s no way to quantify it,’ but they still, ladies and gentlemen, were all talking about it. Operation Chaos. Oh, yes, one of the great moments of the EIB Network.

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