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“This is not even a health care plan. It’s just another phony promise. Typical Barack Obama, still out there hustling hope and change.”

“Imagine, ladies and gentlemen, a new business asking a bank for a loan and submitting a plan without a budget that extends at least three years out. A banker would throw you out of his office, especially now. Obama has submitted talking points. He’s calling these talking points a plan.”

“You talk about costing a whole lot of money and really endangering people, where are the hearings on climate change fraud?”

“We could assign a single reporter to virtually every cabinet department and every czar in this administration to follow them every day, and we still could not keep up with their efforts to corrupt this country.”

“If Obama cannot control bank bonuses with a direct liaison to the industry called the pay czar, if he cannot control bank bonuses going up, when he set up an office to do just that, why do we assume that his health care reform proposal will reduce costs or do anything that he says it’s going to do? We shouldn’t.”

“I predicted this was going to happen. I had a little hope that it was gonna take a little longer for Scott Brown to succumb to Potomac fever and all this bipartisan talk and so forth, but I predicted as much.”

“There is a conservative ascendancy out there and it is happening within the Republican Party, and that’s where it ought to remain, and that’s where the ascendancy should continue to grow.”

“I want people to remember it took Ronald Reagan three times to get the Republican nomination. It took him three times, and over eight years to do it. These kinds of things do not happen overnight, and they don’t happen just because there is a fervent, strong desire for it to happen.”

“I’m not going to sit here and preside over a bunch of people committing suicide on our side after one year of profound advancement and success.”

“We’re in the first inning here, gang, or we’re in the first quarter if you prefer a football analogy. We don’t have the umpires in either game on our side. I’m talking about the media. It’s the World Series. Obama’s the one getting shelled and we’re going to start firing on ourselves too soon if we’re not careful.”

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