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Rush’s Morning Update: New Low
July 14, 2010

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My friends, the Imperial Valley Press is a newspaper covering San Diego to southwest Arizona, andthey’ve created a self-inflicted controversywith a cartoon.

The subject of the editorial cartoon is Nick Popaditch — he’sa Republican running for Congress in the 51st District. Before seeking elective office, Nick was a gunnery sergeant in the Marines. In 2004, he lost his right eye fighting in the battle of Falluja. He now wears a patch over that eye. He is also the recipient of the Silver Star and the Purple Heart.

This past weekend, the Imperial Valley Press published a cartoon depicting two boys with skateboards looking at a poster of Nick Popaditchwith his eye patch. “Who does that remind you of?” asks one of the kids. The other answers: “A James Bond super villain? A bald pirate? Uncle Fester with an eye-patch?”

The editor of the paper is Brad Jennings– surprisingly, an Air Force veteran. He claimed the cartoon’s intent “was never to besmirch the service of a veteran, never to personally attack Mr. Popaditch,” but instead to “comment on our locally ill-informed voters.”

So kids with skateboards vote? The low-life insult directed at Nick Popaditch was not intended to attack him? Just an attack on the ill-informed voters who read this… uh… sack of you-fill-in-the-blank newspaper?

Look. Mocking a veteran’s war injuries is a new low,even for the one-party media,whose hatred for Republicans — andthe military — has eliminated any sense of decency whatsoever.

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