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RUSH: Dave in New Orleans, great to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program, nice to have you with us.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Oil spill dittos from the golf course — I mean the Gulf Coast of Louisiana.

RUSH: Yeah, thank you very much.

CALLER: Rush, the local radio station down here, WRNO has been broadcasting commercials and they’re sponsored by the state of Louisiana, and in the commercials the state of Louisiana it’s probably the health department here down in Louisiana is providing psychological counseling for thousands of people who have lost their jobs due to the BP oil spill, and I’m just wondering why the federal government hasn’t seen fit to have similar psychological counseling for the millions of people across this country who lost their jobs in the last year and a half due to the income redestitution of this administration.

RUSH: That’s an interesting question. So there is unemployment psychological counseling in the Gulf because of BP as well as the drilling moratorium, I’m sure.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: Well, tell me about that. What’s being offered, where do you go and what do they do for you?

CALLER: I’m really not sure, but I know they advertise it just about every day on WRNO so what you might want to do is maybe just call the local station, Rush radio station in New Orleans and maybe ask them to get you a copy of the commercial and then they would probably be able to tell you a lot more about it, too. But I just thought it was interesting that the state seems to be more on the cutting edge of providing some kind of psychological relief for this horrible catastrophe.

RUSH: Now, look, I appreciate this, I really do, but this is psychological counseling for people that have lost their jobs because of the BP spill, and now the moratorium.


RUSH: Is there any counseling on how to go find a replacement job, or is it just psychological counseling on how to deal with not having yours?

CALLER: I think it’s the latter. What they’re saying is, you know, get it off your chest. If you have a problem, get it off your chest and talk to counselors, they’re waiting 24 hours standing by and all this other stuff.

RUSH: Well, okay. If that’s what they’re saying, I understand your point. There’s a whole potential new business out there: unemployment psychological counseling. My God, think of the customers you’d have all over the country. He’s right.


RUSH: I just had a phone call from New Orleans about psychological counseling for people who have lost their gigs. The caller left out a key element of that news. ‘As Louisiana officials warn of a possible mental health crisis in communities affected by the oil spill, BP has yet to respond to a month-old request from the Louisiana health department to fund emergency mental health programs.’ This is just another shakedown. When in the world have we ever had unemployment counseling? Mental health crisis with unemployment? For crying out loud, if we need to start it way across the country before we get to New Orleans. Because unemployment hit this country long before the BP oil spill happened. ‘The impasse has prompted Louisiana to make an argument with significant implications for disputes over BP’s liability: that BP is responsible for mental health problems believed to be caused by the spill.’

You know what this points up? Folks, I’m tell you what this points up. We’ve been talking about the left and why they’re unhappy, what animates them, what it is they’re angry about all day. Even I, El Rushbo, make the mistake on occasion of assuming that they are 100% motivated because they are ideologues. While they are 100% ideologues, let me tell you what else motivates these people, and it is money — and as you and I would describe it, ‘easy money.’ The left does not want to work for money. They view money as something that must be given to them. They are perpetual victims. They want money redistributed. Everybody who has one dollar more than they have is somehow guilty of something, and they must shed that dollar so that everybody can be equal — and never is it more obvious than this BP oil spill.

Everybody and their uncle is coming out of the woodwork making a financial claim here, going to the extreme. I mean even when John Kerry lost the election in 2004, you remember they had a bunch of shrink shops set up down in Boca Raton with people psychologically incapable of dealing with Kerry losing the election. John Kerry, the haughty former Vietnam veteran, as he often reminds us. But not even those people demand that money from anybody to help them deal with their psychological problems over the loss of John Kerry. So Obama shakes them down for $20 billion, and I think that’s just the first step toward Obama seizing BP. I wouldn’t be surprised, folks, if down the road where all this leads is the government somehow Obama seizing the company, or trying to, even though it’s a British outfit.

But nevertheless, I’ve always said, ‘Follow the money.’ If you want to find the answer to a lot of questions, follow the money, and the one thing about the left, they’ve gotten away over the years with convincing everybody they don’t care about money. Oh, no, they’re into it for the good works! They’re into it because of the compassion. They’re into it because they just want to see justice and equality and fairness, and they’re not interested in the money. BS! They are totally motivated by money. The difference is they don’t work for it in the traditional ways you and I define work. They set up so-called nonprofits and they start raising money, and they siphon so much money off as their salaries, as their benefits, to pay for their wants.

So they use the money of others. They don’t produce anything. They just do good works because they are good people, but they don’t produce anything. So it’s just like having public sector people in the private sector. So here you have the oil spill, and these people want us to believe they care about the environment and they care about the communities being affected and they care about the fishermen and the industries that are being wiped out because of the spill. (sobbing) ‘We really care about these people. It’s horrible what’s happening!’ No, they love this disaster. They hope it will advance their anti-America, anti-environmentalist agenda, or pro-environmentalist agenda. And then they see BP as a giant pile of money that they can run in and grab, and that’s what this is. ‘Warning of Looming Crisis, Louisiana Calls on BP to Fundamental Health Programs.’

When is this gonna stop? According to the left virtually everybody who has any sort of crisis at all in their lives with require mental health counseling that somebody else ought to have to pay for. So Obama succeeds in shaking down BP for $20 billion, and it has inspired a lot of leftist entrepreneurs (at least entrepreneurs as the left would define them). So you got a $20 billion shakedown and now here come all these other people, ‘We want our share. We want our percentage.’ I wonder if the BP people are learning anything. You know, they went full speed ahead into this pro-environmentalist wacko agenda, they contributed lots of money to Obama and other Democrat candidates, and look what it’s getting them? If they were trying to buy protection, it didn’t work. As any of them should always know.

‘On Monday, in a letter to BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles, Louisiana Health and Hospitals Secretary Alan Levine pressed his case for $10 million in funding [2] for mental health services. ‘Our teams of counselors imbedded (sic) in the impacted communities are now warning us of an emerging behavioral health crisis,’ Levine wrote [3]. He stated that the teams were finding ‘palpable increases in anxiety, depression, stress, grief, excessive drinking, earlier drinking and suicide ideation.” For those of you in Rio Linda, meaning they’re thinking of killing themselves. So BP has to pay for this. Well, where does something like this stop? Why couldn’t all the rest of us demand some money for all of the damage Obama has caused us and our opportunities to make genuine money in legitimate ways in the American private sector? Man, if we could only run this country on total victimization, we’d never have to drill for oil! Everybody would be a victim, and somebody else would have to pay for it — and we’re damn close to having it set up that way.

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