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RUSH: The tea party doesn’t want to pit anybody against anybody. If the truth be known, tea party people, white people in this country — the vast, vast majority of them — are sick of this. They don’t want all this acrimony and they don’t think it’s warranted anymore. The past is the past, and nobody can deny it, but it’s not warranted anymore.You listen to Ben Jealous of the NAALCP, and you would think that the Klan is still running the show. With a black man in the White House, the Klan’s still running the country — and the Klan was all Democrats! Most people in this country want a unified country built on the concepts of American exceptionalism. I mean, it’s not complicated at all. What makes it complicated is that certain black people have been raised and educated to think they have no chance in that America, which is contradicted by evidence.You know, it’s just sad. This whole thing is sad. The people who are profiting from this division are doing it financially and they’re trying to electorally, while doing it under the false premise that they’re trying to help the country and unite it. They’re doing nothing of the sort. They’re dividing it. But I can tell you, George Bush did not want a divided country. I don’t want a divided country. I want the greatest damn country on the face of the earth.

I want everybody in this country to be proud and love the fact that they’re Americans, and I want everybody in this country to have opportunity. I love people. I want them to have the best opportunity. I want everybody to realize the great opportunity being an American is, and it breaks my heart to learn that so many millions of people born in this country are told and raised and educated that they have no chance. That’s practically near criminal, and I know it’s not people on my side that are doing that kind of teaching and educating. It’s somebody else. And it’s time it all stopped.


RUSH: Look at me. The United States did not invent slavery. The United States invented freedom. Somebody name for me a country on earth that ever fought a civil war to make men equal. What other country on the face of the earth has so many laws against discrimination? You can’t find one.

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