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RUSH: Another Democrat has lost his temper at a town hall meeting, and doing what this guy did lost an election for Rick Lazio. Last Tuesday Representative Ciro Rodriguez (Democrat-Texas) had this exchange with some audience members at his town hall meeting.

RODRIGUEZ: If we had not done anything, uh, in the next eight years, based on CBO, Congressional Budget Oversight (sic–Office), it would cost us $4.1 trillion, probably in —

MAN: More than that.

WOMAN 1: The CBO is already revising its numbers for Obamacare.

RODRIGUEZ: Ma’am, if you would let me finish, otherwise… You know, uh, if — if — if — if you’re not willing to dialogue and learn —

WOMAN 1: Well, tell the truth, then.

RODRIGUEZ: Ma’am, don’t — don’t accuse me of not saying the truth!

WOMAN 2: Excuse me but that’s not Rodriguez.

RODRIGUEZ: (storms over closer, smacks newspaper on chair) It’s not appropriate to — to also (unintelligible).

WOMAN 2: This is extremely (unintelligible) It’s extremely unprofessional.

RODRIGUEZ: I’m not gonna take any (unintelligible), okay? If you want to dialogue in — in a civil manner, but don’t say that I’m not saying the truth!

RUSH: Whoaaaaa! He’s upset! Another Democrat in a town hall meeting being accused of not being honest with his constituents and waving a piece of paper at them. It’s going to be, folks, a bloodbath when November comes around.

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