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“Rick Perry stands in opposition to inside-the-Beltway Washington elites of both parties. And he’s got great hair. You’re not going to be elected president unless you’ve got at least a ten-inch part in your hair.”

“If we could just turn the clock back to the eighties and scrub all this malarkey that the era of Reagan is over, if everybody in the conservative movement could remember their roots and go back to ’em, none of these internecine battles would be happening, if there was a general adherence to genuine conservatism, which is what you get here on this program.”

“If the era of Reagan is over, then the era of conservatism is over. You cannot separate the two. You can’t claim to be a conservative and out of the other side of your mouth say the era of Reagan is over.”

“Mexican authorities found two trucks on the way to the United States which were crammed with 513 illegal aliens. So the Democrat get-out-the-vote campaign has already begun in earnest.”

“Do I care what a former politician and his wife do with their money, or what a current politician is doing with mine?”

“The hatred for Ronald Reagan and the things that were being said about him and his policies were no different than what was said about George W. Bush or is said about Newt today.”

“There was no question Newt Gingrich was defining conservatism, right along with Reagan, both in the social issues and cultural issues, fiscal issues. It was dramatic.”

“When the Republican freshman class was sworn into office in 1995 and Newt was the speaker, folks, I gotta tell you, the potential and the mood was so upbeat and optimistic, because the kind of conservative we are still looking for today, Newt was it. So all of this stuff that’s happening today, this is not making me happy or comfortable.”

“When Romneycare was made official in Massachusetts there were a lot of conservatives singing its praises, precisely because it mandated that people pay for their health insurance, and this theoretically was gonna lower prices. But it never worked out.”

“We had Reagan in the White House. We had these guys on the floor of the House during their special orders. I think for those of us who were alive then, maturing then, coming of age then, one of the great disappointments today is what happened to all of that.”

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