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RUSH: For little comic relief before we get back to Kagan sound bites. John Lewis — you want to know what Obamaville sounds like? United States of America is now Obamaville. You know, back in Herbert Hoover’s days they called places of high unemployment Hoovervilles. The whole country is Obamaville. On the House floor during one-minute speeches, John Lewis, Democrat, Georgia, spoke and said…

LEWIS: Mr. Speaker, it is a shame and a disgrace that we did not extend unemployment insurance. Every single mem’er who voted yesterday should be ashamed of themselves. People are suffering, they are hurting, they are in pain, they cannot make ends meet — and too many, just too many on the other side of the aisle turn a deaf ear! (shouting) I ask my Republican colleagues, ‘Can’t you hear? Can’t you feel? Can’t you see? Where is your heart? Where is your compassion? Where is your concern? Extend unemployment benefit[s], and extend it now.

RUSH: John Lewis of Georgia, a Democrat member of the US House of Representatives. That’s the sound of Obamaville. Obama was going to end all of this misery. Obama was gonna bring about a screeching halt to it. Where is the end of the misery? (interruption) No, Snerdley, don’t do that. (laughing) Snerdley… (interruption) Snerdley, don’t do this, because you’re gonna cause me to start doing it, and if I do it, we are in deep doo-doo. Snerdley is impersonating John Lewis on the IFB, very effectively so. I can also impersonate John Lewis, effectively so, but if I do it, I’m in deep doo-doo. All right, let’s turn now to the Official Obama Criticizer. The Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley, with a reaction to the one-minute floor rant of Congressman John Lewis of Georgia.

SNERDLEY: (doing John Lewis impression) Where is your heart? Where is your compa’shun? We want everybody on unemployment from now until forever and ever. Where are your feelings? Where, where, where is your money? That money is ours, and we want to give that money — from Obama’s stash, from my stash, from your stash — to my unemployed peoples. Where is your feelings. (end impression) Thank you.

RUSH: That’s Official Obama Criticizer Bo Snerdley. Could I…? I heard during the Clarence Thomas hearings, I heard Congressman Lewis say something. I want to tell you in my voice what he said. Would you repeat it in his voice? He was equally passionate, energetic. He was in the well of the House, the floor of the House, and he said, ‘I have been beaten upside the head, but it doesn’t mean that I’m qualified to be on the Supreme Court.’ Would you say that in John Lewis’ voice? Three, two… Here’s the Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley.

SNERDLEY: (doing John Lewis impression) I have been beaten upside the head, but it doesn’t mean that I am qualified to be on the Supreme Court.

RUSH: By gosh, you’ve got it! That’s exactly the way he said it.

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