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RUSH: To Fort Worth in Texas. This is Rhett, and welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I’ve been listening since before you coined the term mega dittos. I can’t tell you, I can’t thank you enough for all that you do.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: You know, people are talking about, well, you know, the economy is bad, this isn’t working, that isn’t working, I think one thing we have to remember is this is all intentional, and I mean these people have to walk a tightrope because, you know, if it gets too bad, then it’s really gonna make ’em — I mean they look bad already, but terrible. So they have to control this process.

RUSH: Well, it’s not really all that delicate. All they have to do is continue to do policies that will continue to weaken the private sector while talking as though they’re doing everything they can to help. And that’s where they’re kind of blowing it. You know, when Biden goes out there and says, ‘We’re never going to get those eight million jobs back,’ and what’s-her-face, Napolitano goes out there, ‘The border’s too big, we’re never going to be able to close it.’ And when Obama and Geithner go out there, ‘The days of our leading the world economically are over,’ that doesn’t help. Obama is in Racine, Wisconsin, today, the unemployment rate is 14.2%, he’s going to go out and hype the recovery. So while we continue to cycle and spiral downward he’s out there talking about, ‘Give it time, the stimulus is now beginning to kick in, we have saved everybody’s jobs,’ and all this other rotgut. But the dirty little secret is, I don’t care how often I say it, I know it’s going to be a tough thing for a lot of people to accept and believe. ‘Cause once you accept and believe this, it’s almost a call to action that this is being done purposely.

People would much rather believe that everybody in Washington is trying to do the best they can but for whatever reason it just isn’t working. I don’t believe that for a minute because there’s no evidence. I mean a year and a half is enough time to see that what you’re doing isn’t working. And not only that, what we’ve done here in the past year and a half has been tried throughout the world, throughout human history. It’s never worked. And even they admit it. They say, ‘Yeah, but we were not the ones implementing it in the past, we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for, we’re the right people doing it now.’ But they’re looking at their own panacea, their own utopian ideas fail right in front of their face. Now, in Obama’s case, if you don’t change course in the middle of all this, there’s really only one conclusion, and that is you’re not really that worried about it. When you run around talking about winding up even more debt and more spending when the rest of the world is castigating you and saying, ‘Sorry, we’re not going to go your direction,’ it’s pretty clear what the agenda is. So they’re not walking a tightrope.

Here’s where they are. They are figuring they’re going to lose significant seats in November in the House and who knows how many in the Senate. They figure that. I’m sure some of them are holding out hope that this isn’t gonna be as bad as everybody thinks now. I’m sure they’re thinking that they might be able to hold control of the House, not lose it. But even if they do lose control of the House, I don’t think a lot of people understand the diabolical commitment these people have to their beliefs. They don’t care. If they lose in November, I mean they’re going to do whatever they can between now and November to cram all of these agenda items down our throats, legislatively, however they manage that, and if they lose the election in a lame duck Congress they’ll continue to have votes. Their theory is that everything they do will last.

And if you look, they may have a point. When’s the last time we rolled back an entitlement? We really don’t roll ’em back. When’s the last time we repealed something. Health care. I mean nobody wants it, still a lot of fervor and desire to repeal it. But the Democrats are saying to themselves they’ll never do it, they’ll never be able to do it. They may — this is Democrats speaking — Republicans might try to defund it year to year, but they’ll never be able repeal it. That’s why they’re going to try to cram as much as they can into these next six months, remaining months of the year, because their theory is, get it done, even if it costs us our jobs we’ll get it done. Obama will find a place for us in the last two years of his administration, he’ll be reelected, we’ll find a way to make that happen, and everything’s gonna be fine. Even if Republicans do win, we know they’re too stupid to hold the House for very long. We’ll get it back.

You know, these are like the old Soviet Union guys. They didn’t have four-year administrations. They didn’t have four-year plans. They had lifetime plans, you know, Khrushchev makes a plan, and if it happens during Yuri Andropov, fine, if it happens during Gorbachev, fine, if you gotta take a couple steps backward to take one step forward now and then, you do it. And that’s them. They’ve been at this for 50 years, and in fact longer than that around the world. Now, the evidence is clear it doesn’t work. Is it stopping them? Is it slowing them down? No. Is it changing their rhetoric about things? No. Because you have to understand, to them it is working. They’re getting more powerful. There are more and more people working for the government. More and more people are being unionized in the public sector. The government is becoming more and more oppressive. They have to look at the oil spill and say, ‘Man, what a giant stroke of luck for us. We’ve been trying to rip the shreds out of the fossil fuel industry and they’ve come along and done it for us. We got oil pouring into the Gulf, nobody’s been able to stop it, it’s not our fault, shows the dangers of using oil, shows the dangers of the people who are in charge of getting oil out of the ground, who we want to tar and feather.’

But at some point as I said in the first hour, all of this is going to have a tipping point with the American people who at some point are just not going to sit around and effectively be slapped across the face every day and told this is the way it is. We, as Americans, just don’t sit there and accept this is the way it is, as you can see, a little story we had about the skimmers. The Jones Act won’t be waived. Foreign countries can’t get in here with their assistance. So the people in foreign countries who own those skimmers are now selling them to Americans. And when Americans own them the Jones Act doesn’t apply. So entrepreneurs, creative people always find a way to work around the kind of policies people like Obama implement. Not to say the policies don’t create damage, because of course they do. Obama might even want the GOP to win in November. He used the lame duck Congress to force the rest of his agenda through. They’ll have nothing to lose. They’ve already lost, so they will be eager and willing to get even with the voters, which is what Democrats do. You throw them outta office and, boy, you are going to pay for that. And then Obama will blame the Republicans for all of his tax increases and Social Security and Medicare costs on the rich because they’ll be in charge, they’ll be in Congress. That’s his plan.

It isn’t gonna work, but Obama’s not going to be able to blame. I know a lot of you are deathly afraid of this because this is what always happens. They’ll be able to blame the Republicans — nah-uh. Republicans couldn’t have stopped any of this, Republicans have not supported any of this, it ain’t going to happen. But in the traditional way of thinking, I’m sure Obama believes if the Republicans win the House then he gets to transfer blame to them because next year is when the excrement hits the fan. That’s when the tax increases go up, that’s when you lose even more liberty, that’s when your disposable income slinks, and guess who’s running the House or Congress? Republicans. So Obama, the Democrats think they’re going to be able to blame Republicans for what happens next year. But they forget. There’s an alternative media. It got Dan Rather, it’s gonna get Obama, they’re not going to be able to get away with the stuff they used to be able to get away with.

Now, in Racine, Wisconsin, today, this is from Obama’s speech: ‘This debate that we’re having in Washington isn’t about big government or small government, it’s about responsible government, it’s about accountable government, it’s about a government that stands on the side of the American people, a government that breaks down barriers to opportunity and prosperity. That’s the kind of government we need.’ I’m sorry, he has created precisely the kind of government he says we don’t have. It is an argument about big government versus small government. There’s no question about it. It’s about accountable government, too, but there is none of that. His government does not stand on the side of the American people. He is governing against the will, as is his party of the American people. See, we’ve already tried Obama’s ideas to one degree or another. We already know where their theories lead us. So now we have a choice as a nation. This is Obama, it’s what he said, it’s like a campaign speech. ‘We already tried the other side’s ideas. We already know where their theories lead us, and we now have a choice as a nation. We can return to the failed economic policies of the past, or we can keep building a stronger future. We can go backward or we can keep moving forward.’ This is Obama in Racine today where there is 14% unemployment blaming Bush, speaking as though it is 2007 or 2008.

So you can see what’s being set up here, blame the Republicans for the problems that have been popping up and will pop up even larger and more visible next year when the tax increases go into effect. So we’ve already tried the other side’s ideas. Which ideas are those, Mr. President? Reagan’s ideas? Hmm. Those worked. Bush tax cuts, those worked. Which ideas are you talking about? Whose theories are you talking about, Mr. President? What choice, we don’t have any choice. You are the president. You’re not giving anybody a choice. What choice do we have? This is absurd. It’s also insane. It is diabolical egregious to sit there a year and a half into his term in Racine, Wisconsin, 14.2% unemployment and to tell those people we’ve already tried the other side’s ideas. We are a year and a half into your ideas, bud. We are sinking in the quicksand after a year and a half of your ideas and your theories. And we know where your theories lead us. And your party and all your supporters, why is there such misery? Because everything they believed in that would bring about utopia, panacea in the past year and a half is destroying the country. There’s no happiness, there’s no unity, there nobody singing kumbaya. Hell, nobody’s even singing the Cotton-Eyed Joe, much less a kumbaya. Nobody’s even singing Elvira. They’re all singing Sixteen Tons.


RUSH: Back to the phones, this is Dana in Rockford, Illinois, you’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, it’s great talking to you. I’ve been listening for years. This week I don’t know if you were aware, but we started exporting our global warming policy, and costing American jobs in the process. There’s a coal-fired plant company in Wisconsin that was declined a contract in India to build a coal-fired power plant because the import-export bank cited Obama environmental policy and rejected their $600 million contract. It just happened like in the past couple days.

RUSH: A-ha! So this is just an example of what’s to come. This is what’s going to happen with cap and trade and other aspects of the Obama energy policy. It’s going to cost American jobs and everybody analyzing the legislation knows that. We are emulating Spain. They were the leaders in ‘going green.’ Look where they are. There is no green energy business. There’s certainly not enough of a green energy business to replace the fossil fuel energy business, and certainly there isn’t enough ‘green energy,’ however it’s defined, to even sustain the United States’ economic activity as it is today. Now, I want to go back to this Obama speech. I read to you this speech. This is deceptive, it’s delusional. It was egregious. This speech Obama gave today in Racine, Wisconsin, about how we can’t go back to ‘the old ideas,’ the old ideas that ‘failed’? It’s almost word-for-word with speeches that he gave campaign, and the speech he has given on the economy since he’s been president.

He probably it knows so well he doesn’t even need the teleprompter. You know, I think the guy is in a bubble. He doesn’t seem to realize the entire world has voted on his choices, and they’re new saying he was wrong. The G-Whiz weekend, the G-Whiz meetings, the rest of the world said, ‘No, Obama, we’re not going to keep spending. We’ve done it for 30 years. We’re going to cut back.’ The rest of the world is voting ‘no’ on Obama, and yet there he is almost pretending that he’s not president, with that speech that he gave in Racine, Wisconsin, today. Folks, he was really slapped by the G20, and he’s undaunted. It didn’t wake him up or he doesn’t care. ‘Cause he’s got a mission.


RUSH: Obama is in Wisconsin reminding the audience: ‘Don’t forget the people who got us in this mess in the first place.’ I stopped listening to whatever babble I was getting out of Kagan there ’cause I’m watching Obama up there in Racine. We have an advance copy of his teleprompter remarks. Let’s not forget who got us into this mess in the first place? It’s a year and a half into his mess!


RUSH: You know, this town meeting up there in Racine, Wisconsin, must be pretty bad because Mess NBC just jumped out of it for breaking news on the Russian spy story, some 11th spy has vanished in Cyprus. Big whoop. You know, whatever it’s billed as, this town meeting up there in Racine, Wisconsin, this is psychologically not all there. (imitating Obama) ‘Yep, the economy is on the right direction. The economy is doing well.’ There’s 14% unemployment up there. Let’s not forget whose policies got us where we are. Here’s Obama. A couple sound bites, the first of two here.

OBAMA: Even though there’s plenty of challenges on our plate, nothing’s more important than reversing the damage of the Great Recession and getting folks back to work. You know, we had to take the country through some pretty tough steps to pull us out of the free fall that we faced when I took office. When I was sworn in, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. The economy was shrinking at 6%. That’s faster than it had in decades. Today it’s growing again. Today we’ve added private sector jobs for five months in a row.

RUSH: By the way, Cookie, for tomorrow, I want the sound bite where he blames Bush, do not forget who got us in this mess, and look at this, ‘When I was sworn in, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. And now we’ve added private sector jobs for five months.’ Yeah, 13,000 this month, 260 jobs per state. And, folks, I’m still living rent free in Obama’s head spaced right between those two big ears.

OBAMA: Before I was even inaugurated, there were leaders on the other side of the aisle who got together and they made the calculation that if Obama fails, then we win. That was the basic theory. They figured if we just keep on saying ‘no’ to everything and nothing gets done, then somehow people will forget who got us into this mess in the first place and we’ll get more votes in November. (applause) That will make people pretty cynical about politics.

RUSH: That’s it, that’s the sound bite. Cookie came through. Somehow people forget who got us into this mess in the first place. We are dealing with somebody who’s not in reality here, not in this speech. This is a 2007-2008 speech. This is frightening stuff. I’m serious, folks.

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