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Rush’s Morning Update: Total Failure
June 30, 2010

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On the one hand, Obama and the Democrats tell us that Big Government is the answer. So they took over Big Auto, they took over housing, and health care. Now they’re in the midst of taking over banking and Big Energy. They’ve inserted their tentacles deeper into the private sector,despite a dismal track record. Medicaid and Medicare are bankrupt, Government Motors is billions in debt, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac own trillions in worthless subprime home notes, and Obama can’t even plug the hole in the Gulf.

On the other hand, they tell us Big Government’s not the answer:

• Vice President Joe “Bite Me” says that many of the eight million jobs lost will never come back… though Reagan created over 20 million.
• Russia is ferrying our astronauts to outer space because Obama says NASA can’t cut it.
• Last week, Obama said America cannot be counted on to be the engine of world economic growthbecause we can’t cut it.
• And this week, Big Sis,Janet Napolitano,said the border is “big”;sealing it before taking on immigration reform is a “not an answer to the problem.”

So the very things the government is tasked with doing, Obama’s Big Government can’t do:We can’t protect ourselves, we can’tgrow the economy. But everything the government should not be doing– screwingaround in the private sector– Obama’s Democrats are doing, and doingpoorly.

It’s a total failure from a bunch of Ivy League theoreticians, who talk out of both sides of their liberal mouths… and a couple other orifices as well.

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