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RUSH: The State-Controlled Media, folks, is in a tizzy today. The report on consumer confidence at an all-time low? They’re just devastated. The stories are about more and more people feeling disconnected from their own president, and this is the guy they put there! This is the guy that we’ve all been waiting for. This regime was going to make us utopianists. We’re going to live in Pandora, we were going to have a panacea, and there’s nothing but misery, depression. Look at the number of suicides taking place out there. Who was it…? I don’t know. Some other person swallowed a bottle of pills out there, some famous person. I forget who it was. Yeah, it was Jennifer Capriati out there. She lives right up there in Singer Island. She swallowed a bunch of pills. I’m not saying it had anything to do with Obama, but who can say it wasn’t? I mean, that’s what the left would say.

Hee-hee-hee-hee. Anyway, they’re just beside themselves! ‘How can this be? How can there be some plummeting consumer confidence?’ Their disconnected, and then to add injury to insult, Bush’s general is undergoing his confirmation hearings today. ‘Bush’s general.’ This is the guy that Hillary, Harry Reid, MoveOn.org, ‘Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!’ all called a liar. All said, ‘This war is lost,’ that the surge would not work. From John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, to you name it. And now who has brought in to save Obama’s bacon but Bush’s general, and the left cannot possibly like what they heard from General Petraeus today. This is a general — I told you, there’s two kinds of them. There’s corporate generals, the politically correct generals, the one that will care about what people think. They’ll say and do whatever necessary to rise the chain of command, civilian-wise. Or the warrior generals who know that the job’s kill people, the bad guys, and break things. Petraeus is a general who’s there to kill people and break things. ‘Bush’s general.’ Obama is stuck with him now, and you know that the left believes that having rules of engagement where we restrain ourselves so as not to possibly kill innocent civilians, where we respect the traditions of others, this is gonna make the world like us, the world respect us. This is going to change all the hatred for America that was brought about by George W. Bush. Those rules of engagement and fighting fair and basically tying an arm behind our back so they take away our big superpower advantage, the world will respect us. Bush’s general had a different take in his opening statement today.

PETRAEUS: What impresses the Taliban is not the rules of engagement. It’s the precise targeted operations that are designed to give them no rest. The idea is if you can get your teeth into the jugular of the enemy, you don’t let go. This word ‘relentless’ is an important word to describe the campaign against the Taliban.

RUSH: He might have been answering a question. I’m not sure. It doesn’t sound like it’s opening statement. But Taliban is not impressed by our rules of engagement? He coulda said, ‘They laugh at our rules of engagement. What they’re impressed by is when we put our boot on their necks, not BP’s, and squeeze the life out of them, and we don’t let go. That word ‘relentless,’ that’s important. That’s why I use it: Relentless pursuit of perfection and the truth here at the EIB Network.

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