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“What’s Obama done? Obama’s created a gusher. Not only a gusher of oil. He’s got a gusher of red ink. He hasn’t produced any jobs to justify Obamanomics.”

“The effort to give newly freed slaves guns — the effort to allow them to keep and bear arms — was to protect them from being lynched for voting for Republicans.”

“I want somebody to point out for me where Ms. Kagan has written favorably on any specific language of the Constitution.”

“President Clinton, are you worried that the rumors about Algore and the massage therapist and his being a ‘sex poodle’ can a bring discredit to your presidency? Are you concerned, Mr. Clinton, that this Algore-massage therapist story could stain your reputation?”

“I hope this is not a new Crossfire show with Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker, but if they’re going to do that, they might expect to reexamine and maybe make it a cross-dressing show with Client No. 9 as one of the cohosts.”

“Europe’s socialist model has endeared them to our left, but the socialists in Europe are dialing it back. They are out of money. They cannot sustain their model. They can’t continue to pay people that don’t work.”

“Nearly 20 million jobs were created under Reagan. Vice President Bite Me says there’s no possibility to restore eight million jobs with Obama at the helm.”

“When government screws up, what’s the fix? More government. When something screws up in the private sector, what’s the fix? A trial, criminal charges.”

“So here we are. We’re a year and a half into the next three years. We’ve lost three and a half million jobs. We haven’t created three and a half million jobs, and the vice president who calls a custard guy a ‘smart ass’ tells us that we’re not going to be able to replace these eight million jobs.”

“What we have going on down in the Gulf of Mexico is an absolute case of criminal neglect.”

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