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Rush’s Morning Update: Up In Smoke
June 25, 2010

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Well, as usual, folks,New York State’s budget is in the red. So Democrats did what they always do:They raised taxes on a select minority –smokers.

The latest tax of $1.60 raises the price of an average pack of cigarettes to over $9.00. In New York City,the new price will total almost $11.00a pack.

For good measure, the Democrats will begin collecting taxes on cigarettes sold to Indian reservation visitors, too, who used to be able to buy them tax-free. One Indian chief warned that any attempt to collect those taxes would be considered “an act of war.”

Now, lest you think that’s an idle threat, a similar attempt in the early 1990s led to violence. Grab the pitchforksand the tomahawks, fellas –this could get ugly.

Especially since Democrats are crowing over this, their latest Indian conquest. Jeffrey Klein, pale-face Democrat senator from the wealthy Westchester suburbs, bragged that the state now has the “added muscle it needs to collect this vital source of tax revenue” from the Injuns.

Three predictions here, folks:

• One: The black market for cigarettes in New York will grow exponentially, as will organized crime.

• Two: If the poor, indigenous Indians protest, the Democrats will squash them like bugs;violently, if they have to. All that appreciation for “diverse cultures”will bejust talk.

• Three: Democrats will spend more revenue than they tax, and will soon come back for even higher taxes. They always do. They’re Democrats. Your money,in their hands, iswhat goes up in smoke.

Put that in your peace pipe!

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