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“Sorry, you do not ‘have a gift,’ Mr. President, as you told Harry Reid. You’re a turnoff. You turned off your own side. You’re not cool, you’re cold.”

“I thought I was watching the final episode of Lost last night. I was just as confused by Obama’s speech as I was by the final episode of Lost.”

“We have somebody totally incompetent and unqualified to deal with any aspect of the presidency, period. This is serious stuff.”

“It is very obvious to me that the president of the United States got sort of a mini-vacation when I was gone. I bet he wishes I’d go on vacation and get married every month.”

“Our country is in the midst of a disaster, the president is his own disaster; his administration is a disaster; his cronies in Congress are a disaster. At times it looks like Obama is just going through the motions. It is clear he has no idea what to do substantively about any of the problems that we face.”

“In addition to the jobs lost because of the spill, how about the jobs lost because of Obama and his administration shutting down oil drilling?”

“Punkin thinks the dog’s stupid. You can just tell this.”

“What people in the Gulf want, what people in the country want is an assemblage of people who know what to do to make the best efforts to stop this. Obama’s put together a bunch of physicists and academics, not one person from the oil industry, on a third commission to study this.”

“Obama is obviously a puppet for somebody behind the scenes. I don’t know who the Wizard of Oz is. A lot of people want to say it’s George Soros. I frankly don’t care.”

“What we have here is a little boy playing president, with the image that he’s so smart and so powerful that all these little incidental things are just beneath him, that he’s thinking about the truly big things, the global initiatives that we must do and he’s troubled by the inconvenience of the war in Afghanistan and this oil spill.”

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