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Rush’s Morning Update: Rotgut
June 17, 2010

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Hours before President Obama tried to salvage his incompetent handling of the Gulf oil spill with an Oval Office speech, the EPA issued a report on the global warming bill in the Senate.

The measure, sponsored by John Kerry (who served in Vietnam, by the way)and Joe Lieberman, would establish first-time-ever taxes for carbon emissions from coal-powered plants and other energy producers, and put caps in place.

Now, according to the EPA, the Kerry-Lieberman cap-and-tax bill would cost every American household between $79 and $146 a year; or 22 to 40 cents a day. That’s affordable, says the regime:”less than the cost of a first-class postage stamp.”

Lieberman claims the cap-and-tax bill is the only way to “reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” create millions of new jobs, and clean up the environment. Kerry says “this isn’t a time to tinker around the edges” –we have to hurry up and pass it.

It’s the health care reform, the bailouts, and the Porkulus spending pitch all over again! We have to do it now because… well, becausethe sky is falling!We’re told it will create millions of jobs and it willsave the economy! (Again.) Only this time it’s the EPA, instead of the CBO, lying about the real cost of this monstrosity.

My friends, we are witnessing a full-fledged attempt hereto destroy the America that wasand replace it with a liberal utopian dream…which will become an unimaginable nightmareif this rot-gut bill ever passes.

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