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“President Obama is giving Marxist professors a bad name. Well, reality always gets in the way of Marxism, and it is here.”

“Some of you ask, ‘Why didn’t you say anything about your wedding?’ You know, I’ve been on the radio here for 20-plus years, and a lot of what I’ve done in my private life has been lived in public, and I just decided: No more. So Kathryn and I tried to be as normal and private as we could.”

“Obama said that passing health care was going to lower health care costs and lower insurance premiums. None of that is true. I have the news stories and headlines here.”

“I think liberals always think, for whatever stupid reason, that the golden goose is always going to be golden. They think that rich people are always going to be rich despite the left’s efforts to tax them into poverty, and that therefore there’s always going to be money to get when there isn’t any money.”

“There’s no reason to shut down oil drilling all over the Gulf and in Alaska just because of this BP disaster. As I said: We don’t stop making airplanes because one crashes.”

“Why can’t Alvin Greene be like Nancy Pelosi’s idea of legislation: You only find out about him once he’s been elected.”

“Our threats have always come externally. They have always come from outside our borders. Today the greatest threats facing our country come from within. It is simply unconscionable how this president and his administration, his regime, have used this oil spill disaster to advance a political agenda.”

“It turns out that Hillary Clinton was right back in the 2008 presidential campaign. Her ads were right. Obama was not ready on day one. Obama was not able to answer the phone at three a.m.”

“If a US soldier had done to a murderous terrorist what Bob Etheridge did to this student, that soldier would be court-martialed. He would be facing a trial. We had it happen. Navy SEALs on trial for giving a bloody lip to a terrorist.”

“A congressman can demand to know who is asking them questions on a public street, but an Arizona policeman cannot ask a possibly illegal alien where he’s from when he is questioning him about some other suspected infraction.”

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