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“Why couldn’t you have a red, white and blue bus like Sarah Palin?”

“You don’t even want to contemplate what your back pocket is gonna look like after 2012 when Obamacare kicks in, if it isn’t repealed.”

“It really is amazing how a familiarity and a knowledge of the Constitution will so illustrate the follies of liberalism and the Democrat Party.”

“There’s one job plan that should be on every Republican’s table, one job plan that needs to be in every Republican’s arsenal, and that is defeating Obama in November of 2012 and removing Harry Reid as Senate majority leader.”

“That’s what Obama’s gonna do. Run on how good his plan was and how effective it would have been if it hadn’t been for these obstructionist Republicans.”

“Permanent vacation for Obama is the best jobs plan this country could have.”

“I don’t know about you, but I think my voice sounds exceptional today — and I pay attention to things like that.”

“I’m actually kind of happy that my annual Hawaii golf vacation coincidences with Obama’s at Martha’s Vineyard. That just makes it easier ’cause he actually does go on vacation. He doesn’t really work.”

“According to the regime, unemployment benefits stimulate the economy and create jobs. Now food stamps stimulate the economy and create jobs. Next, they will try to tell us that higher taxes stimulate the economy and create jobs. Oh, already did.”

“Obamas’s riding around with 40 vehicles. That’s not just a carbon footprint; that’s a carbon boot-print, from our first green president. This is the kind of hypocrisy that used to be able to make Algore blush.”

“We are constantly bombarded with people who say one thing and do the opposite. As your truth detector, my job is to cut through the rhetoric and present you with the real truth. This is a finely honed skill. I know I make it look easy. Don’t try this at home.”

“We have, perhaps, about as unpresidential as any president’s ever been a guy in the White House now. Among all the other unprecedented things about Obama, his unpresidentialness stands out. He wants to run on his record, it’s a broken record, and he’s going to blame Republicans.”

“There are two buses. One is the hearse. Then there’s another red one. So you have a black bus; you have a red bus. That has gotta be a real challenge for Obama as to which one to choose to ride in. I know, ’cause the color red has appeal to leftists.”

“Obama can’t run on 9.2% unemployment. He can’t run on all this, but what he wants to do is run on how good it would have been if it weren’t for — it’s sort of Trumanesque, do-nothing Congress, only this is an obstructionist Congress.”

“Most of the people I know are conservatives, and as conservatives we want everybody to do well. We want everybody to have that chance, or multiple chances at economic opportunity, educational opportunity. We want that for everybody.”

“My assessment of Obama is that he’s doing all this on purpose to explicitly harm the country because, as I have said, I think he’s got grudges, grievances, things about the country he doesn’t like.”

“The Media will always tell us that the Republican media is no different than the Democrat media, the Republican media will always tell us who they fear and they will always tell us who they want, about our side. The liberal media will always tell us who of our people they fear and why.”

“Can anybody tell me a single state where Obama’s actually gaining ground? California, maybe? Where’s Obama gaining ground? When you’re at 39%, where are you gaining ground?”

“Every time Michelle Obama goes out there and starts talking about healthful eating, the food industry responds with, ‘Oh, yeah? Take this,’ and Kraft comes up with the Orbameo, the triple double dipper.”

“We’ve been divided since our founding! This notion that when we’re operating off common ground, the definition for that is when you have no opposition.”

“Neither Fox nor PMSNBC are covering live Obama’s bus tour. Do you know why? There aren’t any crowds. There’s no energy. There’s no messiah. There’s no aura. There’s no magic.”

“Obama’s going to have another plan, just in time for his reelection effort. And this is not going to be a jobs plan. It is a reelection plan.”

“Every plan that he has put forward has resulted in lost jobs, higher spending, larger debt, sum total of Barack Obama’s presidency.”

“I think it’s ironic and even hilarious in a pathetic sense that Obama is trying to position himself as a leader when in fact he is in truth confirming, demonstrating his own lack of leadership and failed policies.”

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