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RUSH: We have Millicent from Boca Raton. She’s been waiting the longest. Great to have you on the phone, Millicent, thank you for waiting.

CALLER: Thank you, Mr. Limbaugh. I enjoy your program. I was a little confused when I heard that Barack Obama was going to Chicago for vacation over Memorial Day and leaving the ceremonies and such at Arlington in Washington, DC. You know, it wasn’t like he was going to Martha’s Vineyard or Hawaii. I didn’t understand Chicago until I heard on the news, I was listening to CNBC, they were saying the Blagojevich trials are starting, and I didn’t know if maybe he went to Chicago for some pretrial strategy sessions and such? Because I understood that he was possibly going to be asked to speak, and in light of the Sestak incidents that have come up, it seems like it may be plausible. He might have been involved. If he was willing to ask a former president to get involved in a senatorial election —

RUSH: Well, as we —

CALLER: — could he possibly have had a few other meetings while he was in Chicago?

RUSH: Well, it is possible. What Millicent told Snerdley when she called him — he puts the slug line to give me an idea what the caller wants to talk about — is ‘Who the hell goes to Chicago for vacation?’ (laughing)

CALLER: (giggling)

RUSH: Millicent said that. She’s in Boca Raton, you have to understand. Keep things in perspective.

CALLER: All right.

RUSH: Now, but that is Obama’s home. It’s interesting, Michael Barone makes the point that he has no ties to Chicago, none whatsoever, other than Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. Of all the places Obama could have chosen to live, why, Chicago? It makes no sense. Barone even makes the point that even if you’re born and bred in Chicago, if you’re not part of the machine, you don’t get in it. It’s a very, very closed club and outsiders very seldom get in it. He got in it. And he got in it very deep, Senate, then the United States Senate, and now president of the United States and he’s taken the Chicago way there. This Blagojevich thing, it is interesting, but, you know, Blagojevich is a lot of bluster. He’s been talking big, but there really doesn’t seem to be much solid behind his defense. The Sestak thing, this could be a huge, huge problem. This is bribery. There’s no other way around it. Whatever he was promised was a job he was not qualified for or eligible for under the law. When you get Bill Clinton involved to take the heat here — which is understandable. You gotta get a guy who’s willing to commit perjury in order to take the flak on this. So clearly there’s concern in the White House over this Sestak thing. You can tell that by the way Gibbs continues to answer questions about it. As to whether Obama went to Chicago to try to get his story straight with lawyers over what might happen with Blagojevich, I just think it’s a damn shame that we as citizens have to conjure up these theories to explain the actions of our president, don’t you, Millicent?

CALLER: Well, he’s so calculating in everything he does —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: — that it was just too, like, ‘Why is he going to Chicago?’ And then this came up on the news today, and I was like, you know, it would just seem too — too much of a connect, and I’m —

RUSH: Yeah, well, look, this is —

CALLER: I just wonder! (giggles)

RUSH: Here’s what you have to know about it. This is, I think, the simplest way to understand Obama going to Chicago. It’s just a subtle message to Blagojevich. Just showing up is… Just think of it as the horse’s head in the bed in The Godfather.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Blagojevich is supposed to realize that if he doesn’t play ball here, he could wake up and see his own head in the bed, and Obama’s trip to Chicago was to send that message.

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