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RUSH: Is anybody still surprised a community organizer with strong personal and political ties to anti-Israel leftists will not step up — will not organize support — for America’s best ally in the Middle East if not in the world? This whole thing with this ‘flotilla’ is a Turkish setup designed to provoke exactly what has happened. The Israelis are out there playing by the rules. Yu know, what’s the old saying? ‘A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth puts its pants on,’ and the lie on this thing got halfway around the world.

This was not some innocent bunch of people going in. This is an arms mission. Make no mistake about it. Humanitarian aid? There might be some crackers and cheese getting off that flotilla, but make no mistake: There are some armaments there. This is Turkey attempting to establish itself as the Muslim leader. Islamists have taken over Turkey. They’re in NATO, and this is all designed to make Israel provoked and to cause this kind of response, and the world is condemning Israel! Even, over the weekend, the United Nations Security Council gets together to suggest a condemnation of Israel. The Turkish government is demanding that we condemn Israel at the same time. Egypt is going the other way. There’s also another thing happening here regarding Israel and Egypt and the Middle East, and that is Egypt’s call some months ago (maybe weeks)’nuclear-free Middle East.’ The United States at the United Nations sandbagged the Israelis and is supporting this effort, which, of course, has one objective, and that is to de-nuke Israel.

Now, Israel for 60 years has not admitted that they have nukes. It’s just assumed that they have a couple hundred warheads, but they’ve never confirmed it. Everybody just assumed so. Meanwhile, we’re told the Iranians have enough plutonium now for two bombs. They are continuing to ratchet up and nobody’s doing anything about them ratcheting up and demanding that they shut it down, not nearly as seriously as they’re going to hammer Israel. Now, Obama is demanding that Israel tell him exactly what happened. (paraphrasing) ‘I want those details of what happened on that flotilla and I want them now!’ You know what Netanyahu ought to do? Netanyahu ought to say, ‘I want the details of the 32 people Chicago killed over the weekend and I want to know what you’re doing about it — and I want to know what role you’ve played, what the Chicago police did and the Chicago government.’ I know it will never happen, but that’s my reaction.


RUSH: Now, we haven’t even gotten to the Israeli situation yet. This is key as well. The media is not telling the truth about this, either. You remember, ladies and gentlemen, some years ago the war was going on between the Hezbollah’s militants in Lebanon launching rockets into Israel and Israel was retaliating. You remember all the Photoshopped pictures of so-called damage to civilian populations and civilian buildings, public buildings that the Israelis were responsible for? It turned out that many of those Reuters photos had been doctored and Photoshopped to make the damage look like it was five or ten mimes worse than it is, and the media couldn’t wait! They all jumped on the bandwagon to report this stuff.

It’s the same thing happening now. Not one shred of truth is being reported about this flotilla, who the people on the flotilla were or what their purpose was. Their purpose was to get this provocation. They know full well Israel is not going to respond to anything ’til they know what happened, while the Islamists have their PR campaign ready to go before the flotilla even set sail. Before the flotilla even left Turkey they knew exactly what to say, they knew exactly what was going to happen because they provoked it. This is not about a nuclear free Middle East. We’re what looking at here is another all-out assault on an Israel-free Middle East.


RUSH: It was Hamas that attacked Israel. It was in January 2009. Lest we forget, ladies and gentlemen, it was Hamas that violently attacked its fellow Palestinians, the Fatah (not to be confused with Chaka Fattah of Philadelphia) for being too ‘moderate.’


RUSH: Well, there it is, the United Nations has condemned the Israeli raid, which was provoked intentionally by Islamists, Turkish, Hamas, Palestinian. The UN has called for an investigation.

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