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RUSH: Anyway, Obama has his presser at 12:45, a little over 30 minutes from now. We are not going to carry it live. We are not going to succumb to the regime’s attempt to get us to give over what we do here to the regime. This is a classic case of counterprogramming, the regime trying to get everybody away from this program. We’re not going to help them succeed in doing that. So if you want to watch the regime’s presser, you can do that or you can wait for us to cut it up in various sound bites and give you what was important out of it. I have some questions that I would ask if I were there. If I were allowed to be in this press conference — (interruption) well, no, I’m not going to JIP some of it, Snerdley, because that would have to be on the fly, we’d have to be monitoring it just to see what’s — (interruption) Maybe we’ll do that, you mean just for the fun of it? Well, we could do on-the-spot commentary, running commentary while the regime’s press conference goes on. By the way, primetime I think is not his constituency. Primetime is made of people who work. You do a primetime press conference because that’s when people who do work are off and can hear you. You do a press conference in the daytime to reach your constituency in Obama’s world. So that’s I think one of the reasons.

Okay, ten more questions for the vacationer-in-chief. There’s a big sob story in the Washington Post today by Anne Kornblut. I kid you not. It’s a sob story. Oh, poor Obama, when duty calls, Obama has to put his holidays on hold. How do you get on vacation around here? Events are conspiring against Obama is what is written here, Anne Kornblut. Events are conspiring against Obama. The last time he tried to go home the Christmas bomber, the Fruit of Kaboom Bomber, got in the way. Now it’s an oil spill that’s getting in the way of his vacation. Can you imagine any such thing being written about Bush? Question number one: Do you prefer golf or basketball when avoiding the hard work of being president? Question number two: Approximately 70% of the American people approve of Arizona’s immigration law and want the border sealed. What do you do, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Felipe Calderon know about these matters that we don’t? Number three: You say that you won’t rest until every American has a job and the Gulf oil spill is capped and the area cleaned up. Well, why are you vacationing in Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend and then returning to Washington for a Paul McCartney concert?

Number four: Speaking of Memorial Day, why not commemorate the day at Arlington National Cemetery? Are you avoiding Arlington due to the fact that you embarrassed yourself there a few years ago when you said, ‘On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes, and I see many of them in the audience here today, our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.’ Remember him saying that? He saw many of our fallen heroes in the audience, meaning he saw the walking dead. Remember he said that? Number five: When you do deliver your Memorial Day remarks, if the word ‘corpsman’ pops up on your teleprompter, how will you pronounce the word, ‘corpsman’ or ‘corpesman’? Number six, did you learn to solve big problems by putting your boot on people’s necks from Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, or Rahm Emanuel? Number seven: When you said to your staff, ‘Plug the damn hole,’ was it your impression that BP had not yet thought of that, and did it take you five weeks to come up with that solution? What were some of the other ideas you had, if this was your latest and greatest idea, plug the hole? Number eight: When it comes to Gulf oil spill, would you say that better late than never is your motto, or is it, why do today what can be done tomorrow? Number nine: Should the American people be saying ‘thank you’ for the economy and for your response to the Gulf oil spill? Number ten: Does the Mexican president ever object to what you tell him to say?

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