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RUSH: I want to go back up to audio sound bite number five, Ed. This is me back on April 30th and this is discussion here about Obama and the oil slick.

RUSH ARCHIVE: What a teachable moment! Obama had a press conference today, the original purpose of the press conference — not a press conference, he had a ceremony outside the Oval Office in the Rose Garden — and the purpose of it was to tout a non-existing economic growth rate. The actual growth rate’s about 1.6%. I’ll explain how that happens in mere moments. But something got in the way of this. That damn oil slick. Obama’s Katrina. That damn oil slick just got in the way so he had to give some lip service to the oil slick, (imitating Obama) ‘It’s all British Petroleum’s fault, they gotta clean it up, I’m sending some czars down there. Now let me tell you what I really came out here for,’ and look at these people, and he had seven or eight props up there disguised as human beings to tout new jobs in the so-called clean energy sector and so forth. It is clear this guy does not really want to be president. He doesn’t want to deal with the country’s problems. He does not have any desire to manage. He can’t be bothered with the responsibilities of his office. He simply is wanting and is imposing his ideology without distraction.

RUSH: Yeah. I’d revise a little bit: He wants to be president, but I don’t think he looks at it as an honor. I really don’t. Continuing what I was saying in the previous half hour, I think to him this is more of a job and a mission. He has to transform this country. He knows he’s going to be a one-term president. He knows he’s gotta get it done in four years, and he’s well on the way. I don’t think he’s honored to be president. I mean, his wife said the first time she’d been proud of the country was when he was nominated. I bet this is the first time he’s been proud of it since he president. I don’t think this is an honor to him. I think he’s got a job to do. He has to tear this country down and rebuild it in a way he thinks it’s more just and more fair.

It’s a mission. It’s a mission, not an honor.

It’s no big deal. In fact, he’s going to be happy to move out of the White House. He doesn’t like being there in the first place. ‘It’s no big deal. Look who lived there: A bunch of white racists!’ He doesn’t like it there. He wants to move back to Hawaii or Chicago or whatever. He’ll put up with it there, but that’s just where you have to go when you’re president. Me, I would never want to leave the office. If I were elected president, you couldn’t get me outta there. (interruption) He likes the perks, yeah. He likes Air Force One and all the perks and the parties and so forth. But he’s going to be able to do that as an ex-president. He’ll have a budget to do that. Believe me, he’s not going to be a piker when he walks outta there. Anyway, I just took the occasion of a couple lines in there to amend my thought. My point of this was that the whole oil slick is a distraction. It’s a political inconvenience. Last night on CNN, Anderson Cooper 135, he spoke with James Carville about the Gulf Oil spill. Cooper said, ‘Early on conservatives were attacking the Obama administration trying to say, ‘Look, this is Obama’s Katrina,’ and they fought back against that but you do have to raise questions about his interior department and the EPA.’

CARVILLE: You absolutely do, and I think I’m as good a Democrat as most people, and I think the administration has done some good things. They are risking everything by this go-along-with-BP strategy they have. They’re seem like lackadaisical on this. They seem like they’re inconvenienced by this. This is some kind of giant thing getting in their way and somehow or another if you let BP handle it, it will all go away. It’s not going away! It’s growing out there. It is a disaster of — of — of the first magnitude, and they gotta go to plan B.

RUSH: James, Plan A is letting the disaster multiply. James… See here, James Carville is on the same page as El Rushbo. (doing impression) ‘It’s almost like they’re inconvenienced by this out there. It’s almost like some kind of giant thing getting in their way.’ It is. Afghanistan’s the same thing, James. Afghanistan’s getting in the way. It’s just a little political inconvenience. They got more important things to do here. Let BP handle it. But, James, it’s even worse than that. The longer it goes on, the better! You blame BP even more. You blame oil even more. You blame the private sector. You speed up the implementation of your CAFE standards. I just find this is interesting. You got Carville (doing impression), ‘I think I’m as good a Democrat as anybody out there. I like my gumbo like anybody else, but it’s an inconvenience. It’s just an inconvenience. It’s like they don’t care.’ He’s exactly right. When’s the last time you ever thought…? Let me ask it this way: What’s Media Matters going to do when they find out Carville is agreeing with me, and what are Carville’s buddies going to do when they find out he is agreeing with me?

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