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RUSH: Director of Homeland Security, Big Sis, Janet Napolitano, said that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) ‘is not obligated to process illegal immigrants referred to them by Arizona authorities. ‘ICE has the legal discretion to accept or not to accept persons delivered to it by non-federal personnel,’ Napolitano said. ‘It also has the discretion to deport or not to deport persons delivered to it by any government agents, even its own.” Meaning, ICE has the independent ability to enforce the law or not, depending upon the whim of whoever is running ICE or the Department of Homeland Security.

Now, Snerdley said something interesting to me at the break at the top of the hour. He said, ‘You know, any previous administration facing this kind of opposition to what they’re doing, they’d start backing off. But not this bunch. It’s almost like they enjoy getting up every morning and saying, ‘Hey, you think it’s bad now? Try this!’ and they throw another mud ball at us, and they enjoy it.’ So the ICE guy, John Morton, goes out there, loves telling the Chicago Tribune editorial board, ‘Eh, screw Arizona. We’re not going to take any referrals from them. We don’t have to.’ We think a federal reform, comprehensive reform, that’s the only way to deal with this.’ And Napolitano says, ‘Yeah, yeah, we don’t have to. We can or can’t. It’s up to us.’ So once again, the federal government is telling us in Arizona, (raspberry).

Every day. Yesterday it was Felipe Calderon, brought in to Washington to say to Arizona, ‘(raspberry) you!’ Today it’s Janet Napolitano and John Morton of ICE, (raspberry) you. To a state. It’s not ‘(raspberry) you!’ to Ahmadenijad. It’s not ‘(raspberry) you!’ to Hugo Chavez. It’s not ‘(raspberry) you!’ to Fidel Castro. It’s not ‘(raspberry) you!’ to the ChiComs. It’s not ‘(raspberry) you!’ to Kim Jong-il. It’s not ‘(raspberry) you!’ to Dmitry Medvedev. It’s not ‘(raspberry) you!’ to Vladimir Putin. It’s ‘(raspberry) you!’ and ‘(raspberry) (raspberry)(raspberry) you, Arizona,’ from Obama, from Napolitano, and now from John Morton at ICE, and also from Señor Wences. And all of these (raspberry) (raspberry)(raspberry) (raspberry)(raspberry) you gets a standing ovation from the Democrats in the House of Representatives, a standing ovation during a joint session.

And Snerdley says, ‘You know, you expect these guys to start backing down after all this opposition.’ They enjoy this, folks. They enjoy roiling our culture. Only people who do not much like this country would enjoy doing what they’re doing. If you had a profound love and respect for the greatness, the traditions, the institutions that made this country great, you wouldn’t be doing what this regime is doing — and if you did have respect for the greatness and the traditions and the institutions in this country and some of this was going on, you’d have a little guilty conscience about it. But, no! It’s just the opposite. They seem happy. They seem to enjoy all of this. They seem to actually enjoy every day getting up and causing more of this.

Janet Napolitano, when she was governor of Arizona — might I remind you, ladies and gentlemen — begged Washington to send National Guard troops to protect the Arizona border. When she was the governor of Arizona, she begged Washington (that would be Bush) for troops. Now that she’s part of the regime, ‘Well, you know, I wouldn’t sign that bill. Senator McCain, you know I wouldn’t sign that bill.’ ‘Why not? What’s wrong with it?’ ‘I haven’t read it but you know I wouldn’t sign it,’ she said. And the ICE guy says, ‘Ah, we don’t have to accept referrals from Arizona,’ and Big Sis the same thing. Barack Obama has his boot on the throat of this country, Snerdley, and he’s not going to let it up any time soon.

In fact, I think that ought to be a cover illustration for the next issue of the Limbaugh Letter: Barack Obama with his boot on the throat of America, on the throat of the country. Smiling. ‘Cause that’s precisely what’s happening. Now, listen to this. Cybercast News Service, from Thursday: ‘Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said the effort to secure the U.S.-Mexico border is like trying to guarantee that ‘no narcotics and no guns are going to pass illegally’ along I-95, a major highway up and down the Atlantic seaboard. ‘The Mexico-U.S. border, almost 2,000 miles long, is the most frequently crossed international border in the world — 250 million people cross annually, one-half million cross illegally,’ Durbin said on Tuesday during a hearing on drug enforcement in Mexico and Colombia conducted by the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Law.

”So when there are folks who talk about sealing the border it’s like saying, ‘[W]ell, we’re going to go out to I-95 and we’re going to guarantee that no narcotics and no guns are going to pass illegally on interstate 95 today.”

Senator Durbin, the difference is that people are trying to find the illegal guns and the illegal narcotics and the people bringing them across, and we do find them, then we seize the drugs and we try to put the people selling them and delivering them in jail! That’s the difference. Of course we can’t stop it all. We can’t stop all murders, we can’t stop all bank robberies. But we try! We’re not even trying to deter this, Senator! What a silly analogy. What a silly, insulting analogy. Anybody with a pea brain could figure out, we’re not even trying to stop the people pouring across our southern borders.

This is the liberal argument for all corrupting things that they want to advance. Let’s go back. Let’s review. Back in the early nineties, all of a sudden it became popular to say, ‘Rush, we’re not going to stop kids from having sex. They’re just going to do it. So let’s give them condoms and let’s teach them how to use them. Let’s bring cucumbers and so forth into classrooms and let’s start teaching them how to use condoms ’cause they’re going to do it, Rush. You can’t stop ’em.’ We had parents actually letting their high school sons bring their girlfriends in to the basement because, ‘They’re going to have sex, anyway, Rush. We’d rather they have it there than in the dirty backseat of a car.’ I actually had parents call me and say so from Long Island.

I said, ‘Okay, fine. Well, if that’s the case, put a pack of cigarettes down there and a case of beer, ’cause we can’t stop that, either,’ and marijuana, we can’t stop that. Abortion! ‘We can’t stop it, Rush. They’re going to have ’em no matter you do.’ ‘Okay, so let’s not even try.’ ‘Rush, they’re going to cross the border with guns and drugs, and then, you know, it would be like trying to stop it on I-95.’ That’s the point: We do try. We do try. And we seize as much of the contraband, and we stop as many of the people that we’re trying to catch. We’re not making any such effort on the southern border. People are caught all the time on I-95! They’re caught everywhere, except Mexico!

They’re caught everywhere except in the southern border, where the effort really isn’t even being made. Yeah, I keep trying to get off the subject. There are other things going on out there, but this immigration stuff, they do, they get up every day and they have their boot on the throat of this country and they’re smiling all the while. They absolutely love this. I sometimes wonder, ‘You know, if I came under this program every day and started laughing along with them, ‘Hey, folks, isn’t this great how they’re subscribing it up today? Look at how they’re upsetting people!’ I wonder if they’d like me.’ I wonder if Chris Matthews and all these people that hate my guts, I wonder if I could win them over if I started sounding happy at the destruction and supportive — if I enjoyed, along with them, all of the pain and suffering that they are imposing, that they are causing. Don’t worry, folks, it’s just a thought. I would never, ever do it.


RUSH: Okay. So here it is. Here’s the bottom line. We cannot check whether people are in this country illegally, but we can damn well make sure that everybody’s bought health insurance. Right? And if they don’t buy health insurance, Nancy Pelosi and Durbin say we can throw ’em in jail! We can’t go out and find people here illegally, but we can damn well make sure everybody here has health insurance. This is kind of fascinating. I love Megyn Kelly, don’t misunderstand. She’s got Ann Coulter with her on Fox right now, and by the way, this should show you how confident I am: Here I am talking about another show on at the same time this one’s on, and I’m not worried at all that you’ll go watch it and abandon this. I know you never would.

But they’re discussing what I brought up in the first hour of the monologue: ‘Why? Why are they doing this? Why are they governing against the will of the people?’ Now, Coulter just said, ‘It’s that they don’t know anybody who’s not in the ACLU. They don’t understand it.’ I think it’s more than that. I think they love it. I think they know precisely what they’re doing. I think they know they’re governing against the will of the people. They knew it when they took office. Obama knew when he was running for office that he was gonna end up governing against the will of the American people. He knew from the get-go what his policies were going to be. He knew from the get-go what his agenda was going to be. He was going to get up every day and he was going to tighten pressure on your neck with his boot each and every day.

What’s he doing? Why wouldn’t he be happy? Look at the power this man is amassing! Look at the money that he doesn’t have that he’s spending. I mean from his perspective. When you have no concern for the outcome of your actions, when you’re not concerned about the consequences — when all you want, in fact, is to transform the country and make it a redistributionist society, and when your aim is to cut this country down to size — how in the world would he not be happy? Is he not doing it? So, Snerdley, you say, ‘Well, at some point normal people, back off.’ No, they’re not backing it off — and in fact they’re priming the pump even more. They’re pushing the throttle even further forward! (interruption) Don’t… Obama doesn’t care about getting reelected! You’ve gotta throw all the standard ways of looking at this out the window.

‘He’s gotta care about getting reelected.’ They think they will after Pennsylvania 12 — and, hell, half of our people apparently do, too! But Obama doesn’t have to get reelected until 2012 and the way he’s going he probably thinks he can get this done in four years and head back to Hawaii and spend whatever George Soros has given him here to make this happen and retire fat, dumb, and happy for the rest of his life. If I were Obama and I was looking at this, ‘In a year and a half I’ve caused this much damage and I’ve still got two and a half years to go. In four years I could bring this country down to size after it took 200-plus years to build it into the greatest superpower in history, and I can tear it down and make sure it doesn’t recover for decades.’ In four years? I’d be very happy with myself.

I wouldn’t be concerned with backing off. I wouldn’t be saying, ‘Oh, people don’t like me. Look, people oppose my immigration policy.’ You don’t think he’s smart enough to know…? I’m trying to regain my composure. Bringing Felipe Calderon to a joint session of Congress and having him say what he says, folks, the president of the United States used the body of Felipe Calderon to flip us off. That was a life-sized bird that we were flipped yesterday. That was Obama saying, ‘(raspberry) (raspberry) you!’ and he used himself and Felipe Calderon to do it, and the Democrats stood up, (clapping) standing O. You cannot look at these people through the traditional prism of Democrat-versus-Republican politics, which is what too many of our people in Washington are still doing. ‘Oh, yeah, Rush. He’s just a Democrat. They’re going to win sometimes. We gotta do what they can to stop the policies.’

No! This is a whole different ball game. We’ve never had anything like this before. We’ve never had an administration that agrees with our enemies when they criticize us. We never had an administration that has yet to say a positive thing about this country’s past or its traditions. We have never had, in my lifetime, a president running around the world criticizing or apologizing for this country, and we continue to want to look at this through the traditional Republican-versus-Democrat political prism? If you do that you are forever going to not get it, you are forever going to misunderstand what’s going on. ‘But at some point, Rush, they gotta get reelected.’ Do you think they seem worried about it? (interruption) (sigh) Look, look, look, look. ‘Democrats in Congress can’t be this stupid. They know what’s going on.’

Yeah, they do know what’s going. They also know they’re powerless! They’re giving Obama every bit of power they’ve had. They just turned over the entire regulation of the financial industry to the executive branch. They’re gonna turn over immigration to the executive branch. All the other things: Health care? Executive branch. The administration of Medicare? Executive branch has it now. They’re giving it all up. Because what are they? They are liberals first. Have you already forgotten the stories that we had earlier this year? They would be willing to lose their seat in order to get health care passed? Have you forgotten that? Yes, you did. They’re telling us! This is the frustrating thing for me: They’re telling us exactly what they’re going to do. They are spitting it out, in plain English, precisely what they are doing and intend to do.

All right, Maggie in Enderlin, North Dakota, you’re next on Open Line Friday. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you. North Dakota seems to be able to do what Arizona is being boycotted for. We had 32 Mexican nationals that were arrested a few days ago, farm workers. Some of them were illegal, some were not, but the Border Patrol was called. They were stopped for erratic driving. It was a routine traffic stop.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: They called Border Patrol for translation, and 32 ended up being arrested and the federal government is working with them to send them back to Mexico.

RUSH: Really? Really? Interesting. Well, who knew about it ’til you called? If you changed your name to ‘Arizona,’ they won’t leave you alone. Maybe Arizona ought to become North Dakota. See, this is another illustration of my point. What happened in Arizona is a political opportunity. It’s a political opportunity to move the Obama agenda forward, and the Obama agenda is moved forward by a series of repetitive moves. You find a way to criticize the traditions of America that have succeeded — chief among them: Private sector, and everybody in it. Big Retail, Big Drug, Big Oil, Big Pharmaceutical, Big Food, Big Whatever.

You always play them off against the compassionate, understanding federal government. That had all the answers and all the compassion and it really cares. It really, really cares. That’s why a giant oil spill in the Gulf? It’s an opportunity! That’s why a massive financial collapse? It’s an opportunity — and Rahm Emanuel said so. I forget exactly how, but, ‘A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.’ A crisis gives you an opportunity to take advantage of it to advance the things that you really want to believe that you couldn’t otherwise get done. Well, the oil spill’s a crisis.

Illegal immigration and open borders is a crisis. The financial collapse is definitely a crisis. I take you back to the top of the program today: Another $200 billion called a ‘jobs bill’ will be signed or passed next week. After the first one of 800 billion has demonstrably failed. So we’re gonna do the same thing over and over again with $200 billion — and we’re gonna extend unemployment benefits, by the way, through December, which is through November, which is through the election. Everything is an opportunity. Contrarily, if something positive for the country happens, that presents a problem — particularly if it happens independently of regime policy. Then that has to be lied about and revised. People have to be convinced, ‘No, it’s really not good. It’s not good.’

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