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RUSH: Bob in Belleville, Michigan, welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, dittos. And I — and I’m a staunch conservative Republican. But, boy, am I mad at you. You are missing the boat so far out that you need to be out there with — with the oil rig. Where were the Republicans when this guy was standing in front of him today insulting our country? Why didn’t they get up and walk out? Why didn’t they get up and walk out on this yo-yo?

RUSH: Why are you asking me?

CALLER: They didn’t!

RUSH: How did I miss the boat?

CALLER: I’m asking but you’re giving them one. You never… I’m personally saying, you give the Republicans a pass. I am one. I’m a conservative. You don’t know how many times I’ve yelled and screamed at you on that radio, but you give them a pass every time. Why didn’t they get up and walk out? When they were passing the TARP and all of that other crap that went on, and they’re standing there, ‘Oh, we didn’t…’ Why didn’t they walk out? What did they do when Clinton was in trouble?

RUSH: What…?

CALLER: The Democrats all stood on the steps together as a group and said, ‘We will follow behind you.’ Where are the Republicans doing that to the people of the country? They’re not.

RUSH: What are you doing to help?

CALLER: I’m part of the tea party. I’m talking to you right now, and everybody else I can talk to. And I voted and I vote and I vote as many times and often. I’m in Michigan. (laughing)

RUSH: Yeah, well.

CALLER: My point, Rush, is this. I honestly feel sometimes you give them a pass because you are —

RUSH: This is ridiculous.

CALLER: — so (garbled) with them.

RUSH: This is absolutely ridiculous. This is ridiculous. I don’t know what show you’re listening to.

CALLER: I’ve listened to you for years.

RUSH: It renders irrelevant everything else you’re saying. I give the Republicans a pass? Go ask Karl Rove or George W. Bush about that. Go ask Mitch McConnell about it.

CALLER: Why? Why?

RUSH: You know, you’re very good at whining and complaining while you sit out there and do this and demand the Republicans do that, do this. I’m off the deep end? I called them ‘fearful.’ I chastised them for joining in a standing O a couple times! I don’t know what you’re listening to. But even so, is that the measure: Being willing to criticize Republicans? My primary focus here is saving the country. My primary focus here is focusing the blame where it belongs — and, frankly, sir, whether the Republicans stand up and walk out is irrelevant. That’s not gonna change what Obama and his regime are doing. It’s not going to help an election, it’s not going to cause any change or make any difference whatsoever except to satisfy armchair people like you who want to see some sort of action that you’re not willing to take yourself.

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