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Rush’s Morning Update: Recap
May 20, 2010

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Pennsylvania:Most analysis of Joe Sestak’s primary victory ignores why Arlen Specter was forced to run as a Democrat in the first place. The last straw for conservatives was Specter’s vote for Obama’s Porkulus. His polls tanked. Realizing that if he ran as a Republican he’d lose,Specter jumped ship — and nowhe’s overboard.

But the real loser here is Obama. Three reasons: 1.) Sestak stiffed Obama, ignoring his demand to step aside and give Specter a clear field. Sestak even spilled the beans, revealing the White House offered him a payoff to bail out of the race –a position in the administration. Obama’s Justice Department will notinvestigate this potential felony, by the way, but Sestak’s victorious defiance proves Obama’s weakness. 2.) Arlen’s TV ads featured footage of Obama hugging Specter and crowing, “I love Arlen Specter!” The result isthey both went down. 3.) The Obama White House campaigned for Specteruntil it became apparent thathe was in trouble. Bottom line: Pennsylvania Democrats bucked the Democrat president.

•Arkansas:Democrat Senator Blanche Lincoln tried to walk a tightrope,supporting Obama’s policies on one hand, while talking like a conservative for folks back home on the other. Result: She ticked off both the far left and Arkansas conservatives.She’s headed for a runoff.

•Kentucky:Rand Paul’s victory speaks for itself. Two words:Tea party. Three more:Wait till November.

Despite everything you may hear, folks,Tuesday’s election results were a referendum onObama and the radical leftist policies that define his presidency. Make no mistake:He is the one who got thethumbs down yesterday.

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