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“No Democrat plan cuts spending. Harry Reid’s plan cuts nothing! It doesn’t touch entitlements and double-counts ending the wars.”

“Rush Limbaugh giving you tomorrow’s news today while we provoke the media and the rest of the left with incontrovertible truth.”

“We need to win more elections. The Democrats run the Senate. They’re not going to pass Cut, Cap, and Balance over there. It just isn’t gonna happen.”

“There’s a lot of people now saying we can’t do any better than this, and I never have liked the word ‘can’t.’ In this case what they really mean is ‘won’t.”

“What we’re looking at here is a great civilization that’s under siege brought on by itself. Arguably the greatest society on the face of the earth and it’s being destroyed, as constituted, it’s being destroyed as we know it. There’s gonna be a United States of America when this is all over. The question is what kind?”

“I’m not interested in playing in a little corner of the playing field that Washington tells us we have to stay on. We want to be on the whole playing field, meaning affecting everything that’s going on.”

“I cringe when I keep hearing Boehner and the Republicans talk about the moral obligation we have not to default. We’re not going to.”

“A trillion dollars in cuts over ten years equals a hundred billion dollars in cuts a year. We owe a hundred billion dollars a month.”

“There isn’t any spending cuts in the Reid plan. The only reason they like it is because it gives Obama spending authority all the way through 2013, takes this issue off the table, pure and simple, that’s the only reason.”

“We are on a disastrous trajectory. For the first time in my lifetime there are people who are actually talking about the country imploding financially.”

“I’m a sponge for all kinds of people. I take on a lot of other people’s stress. I got plenty of room for it. I’m happy to provide the service.”

“Barack Obama, the same guy whose own decisions have created the current situation is now pretending he can solve it by doing more of the same.”

“There is no Democrat plan. There’s no Democrat organism, there’s not a Democrat cell, there’s not a Democrat atom, there’s not a Democrat neutrino. There’s not a Democrat anything that ever cuts spending, and now we’re being told that Dingy Harry has a bill that cuts spending, and that is pure BS.”

“The last plan that Obama had was his budget in February, and it got wiped out 97-to-zero. Ninety-seven to zero! Not one Democrat voted for Obama’s budget, and that is the last plan that we had from him.”

“What Obama wants is a raise in the debt limit that will take him beyond the election so he can spend and spend and spend and buy and buy and buy, votes.”

“Obama is attacking Bush, he’s attacking the Republicans, the corporate jet owners, not enough shared sacrifice, the rich who are actually working middle-class families in his definition. He even attacked his own party. There’s no one or nothing he won’t use as a human shield.”

“The Republicans are compromising every day with themselves. President’s demanding, ‘Produce something that’s a compromise.’ Who does he think he is? Where’s his plan? Can his plan get passed?”

“If you’re going to live in DC, you’re gonna have to tell yourself constantly throughout the day that what you’re seeing and hearing is not at all reflective or representative of what’s happening outside there in the rest of the country.”

“The democrats are pushing this government shutdown thing. Their memories are 1995, and they won on the government shutdown, so they’re trying to say that people like me are pushing another government shutdown. Government shuts down a lot anyway.”

“I’ll tell you, folks, it’s very hard to be a good negotiator when your only two skills are arrogance and petulance.”

“Everybody’s worried that we’re gonna have our credit rating downgraded; already has been.”

“Obama’s plan exists, it’s just not on paper, it’s more taxing and spending, tax and spend, pure and simple, regardless of the circumstances.”

“To say that the Iraq, Afghan wars being ceased equals a budget cut of over a trillion dollars is the same nonsense as trying to say a tax cut is spending.”

“I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna speak for myself.”

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