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Rush’s Morning Update: Doc-Fix Fix
May 19, 2010

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Well, according to the Congressional Quarterly, House and Senate Democrats are in a bit of a fix. They’re chomping at the bit to enact their “doc-fix” legislation, which would establish themoney to pay doctors to treat Medicare patients for the next five years. The problem isthey may not have the votes to pull it off.

Democrat leaders are “uncertain” if their plan,which costs $88 billion,will win the support of Republicans and theso-called moderate Democrats, because there aren’t any”offset spending” proposals.This is all more “new spending”;money that we don’t have.

And if you think the $88 billion represents a good deal for doctors– eh, eh, eh, eh.House Ways and Means Chairman Sander Levin,Michigan Democrat, says the doc-fix will hold off the scheduled cuts doctors are threatened with,but it will freeze payment at last year’s rates for the next five years.

And here’s what’s notbeing reported. This “doc-fix” was supposed to be included in Obama’s healthcare takeover legislation, butObama and his Democrats postponed itjust so they could claim their bill cost under a trillion dollars. But last week, the CBO announced thatthey’d actually calculated an additional $115 billion in new spending, driving the total price over a trillion.

We told you then thatmore spending was coming. So this week, add another $88 billion, and we canpromise you againthere will be even more.

The bottom line is thatsince Democrats passed this…monstrosity… and they passed italone, let them “fix” it.Republicansought toget nowhere near this –except to repeal it.

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