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RUSH: Yesterday at the White House press briefing during the Q&A, Robert Gibbs had a session exchange with an unidentified reporter, and you’ll hear Les Kinsolving from WCBM Baltimore also weigh in on this. What they’re trying to ask Gibbs about is the story that’s in this new book about me coming out later this month. The author of the book asked a ranking Democrat strategerist if Obama would play golf with me, waited a couple days and the strategerist came back and said, ‘No. Limbaugh can play with himself.’ So this subject came up in the press briefing yesterday. We have a couple of sound bites on it.

REPORTER 1: My second question. Um, do you have any… Um, there’s a new book that’s quoting someone from the White House on Rush Limbaugh telling him what he can do with himself. Have you…? (mumbles)

GIBBS: You’re going to have to be more specific.

PRESS: (riotous laughter)

GIBBS: Uh-huh huh huh huh huh.

REPORTER 2: What do you think?

GIBBS: You guys are… You guys are just… This is, uh…

KINSOLVING: Come on! It’s our colleague on talk radio.

GIBBS: I’m just asking him to be more specific. I don’t know why you think I’m disparaging anybody.

RUSH: Okay. So the White House continues the joke on this. Remember, this is the White House. This is the press secretary for the President of the United States continuing with this whole thing. The exchange continued.

REPORTER: There’s a book quoting, uh, umm, a senior White House official responding to, uhh, an invitation to golf with Rush Limbaugh by saying that, uhh, ‘Limbaugh can play with himself,’ and there’s some, uhh, who have speculated that the source of that quote was the president by an aide. I’m wondering if you can…?

GIBBS: I’d — I — I — I don’t know the answer to that. Lynn, do you have…? You were…

REPORTER: Has the president ever said anything like that in your…?

GIBBS: Not — not — not — not — not in my presence. No.

RUSH: ‘Not in my presence. No.’ So they finally dealt with it seriously. So the White House is now denying — well, Gibbs is denying — that they had anything to do with the comment. Folks, I’m not offended by it. I just think they were confusing me with Bill Clinton. I think it is interesting the subterranean level to which this White House has sunk and descended — it’s quite striking — from the dignified days of presidents of the past.

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