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Rush’s Morning Update: The Problem
May 18, 2010

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Oh, goody, folks! Within 24 hours we should learn if SenatorSpecter got past the primaries in Pennsylvania, and whether Democrats bought his last-minute claim that he’s the only guy who can defeat conservative Republican Pat Toomey in the fall.

Specter also released a last-minute ad featuring Obama praising him for casting the “decisive” vote for the $787 billion Porkulus billwhich produced no jobs, and no stimulus. Two polls showed that this to be a two-point race: Specter was ahead in one, behind in another. In any event, Specter is the Democrats’ problem now –good luck with that. (No matter what happens here, Obama loses.)

Another closely-watched race in Pennsylvania is the special election to replace John Murtha. Top Murtha staffer Mark Critz brought in Bill Clinton to campaign for him over the weekend. What was hispitch? A promise that Democrat Critz could produce more jobs for the area (except in the coal business). Clinton claimed thatthe reason the race was so tight against Republican businessman Tim Burns is that “times are rough and things are all up in the air and people are disoriented.” Clinton warned Democrats that people wind up voting “for the very thing they don’t want.”

Mr. Clinton: Aside from your track record as the kiss-of-death last-minute campaigner for Democrat candidates, voters know all too well about “voting for the very thing they don’t want”: Every policy coming out of the White House and Congress is a daily reminder! And that’s the biggest problemthe Democrats have right now… and in November.

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