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RUSH: Well, what have we learned here, ladies and gentlemen, about the oil spill? We have learned some interesting things. We have learned that the regime inspected the rig that blew up. We have learned that the regime inspected the rig. We have also learned that the regime gave the rig its blessing. It was a model of safety. Not the Bush presidency, but the Obama regime. ‘Since January 2005, inspectors issued just one minor infraction for the rig. That strong track record led the agency last year…’ This is the Minerals Management Service. Last year, that would be 2009 ‘…to herald the Deepwater Horizon as an industry model for safety.’ So the regime inspected the rig, it gave the rig its blessing; they said the rig was a model for all other rigs to follow, and the rig blew up. We have an accident and now we have all this oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico. It seems to me that we need to halt inspections. Well, remember we were told last week that it was a permit that caused the problem. The rig is sitting down there a mile under the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, and the regime told us that it was a lack of a permit that caused the problem. So the rig sitting down here, ‘A-ha, a-ha, I can blow up now because they gave me a permit.’ We still haven’t had explained to us how a lack of a permit has caused this to happen. Regardless, maybe we should just suspend all inspections until we find out why the regime’s inspections don’t work. Seems to me like it would make a lot of sense.

Now, last week on this very program we had a story that many of the environmentalist wackos — and, by the way, since we’re looking to affix blame for this, which is a standard American tradition, started by the left, Democrat Party: blame America, blame America. The left, this regime, continues that tradition. So let’s maybe assign some responsibility to the environmentalist wackos. How much more dangerous, expensive, and involved is it to have to go out 65 miles or a hundred miles in the Gulf and then a mile down to get oil when it’s right here on the coast or onshore in various parts of the country where it would be cheaper to get it, less dangerous, and, by the way, we’ve got a website here that tracks oil spills, and this is a bad one but it’s not the worst. We’re just not hearing about all the others, but a couple Mexican oil spills have been pretty bad and of course we’ve had some tankers that have run aground and so forth.

So this spill fulfills the needs of the left to blame America, to blame capitalism, to further the agenda. So last week we had this story, ‘Where is the oil? It’s not on the shores yet, we haven’t seen the birds, all these things that were predicted, where’s the oil?’ A third of it might be missing, the story said. Just like global warming activists and hoaxers are trying to find the missing heat, these guys are trying to find the missing oil. The story said some of it might actually have evaporated. Now there are stories that there are plumes of oil beneath the surface of the sea, some of them ten miles long. This led to a discussion of this phenomenon yesterday on Fox News Sunday. It was during the roundtable. Brit Hume, Juan Williams of NPR, Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard, had this discussion.

HUME: That’s a good question today, if you’re standing down there on the Gulf, and that is, ‘Where is the oil?’

WILLIAMS: Where is the oil?

HUME: Except for little chunks of it, you’re not even seeing it on the shores yet. You know where the greatest source of oil that seeps into the ocean is? It’s from natural seepage from subterranean deposits. That’s where most of it comes from, not from drilling accidents. What’s badly needed here is some perspective on our energy policy and also on the hard realities of what really goes on when it comes to oil spillage.

WILLIAMS: I think Rush Limbaugh went down this road. ‘Oh, the ocean can handle it.’ I just think, you know, we have to take some responsibility for the environment and be responsible to people who live in that area, vacation in that area, fish in that area. It’s just wrong to think, ‘You know what? Dump it on the ocean and let the ocean handle it.’ Why can’t we…

HUME: Who said that?

HAYES: Nobody’s making that argument.

HUME: Who is saying that?

RUSH: Nobody’s saying that. So this is how Juan Williams and the left deal with it: ‘Oh, okay, you’re going down the road that Limbaugh went down.’ Brit Hume is exactly right here. The amount of seepage, seepage is what it is, not a gusher, but seepage. Throughout the world oil from subterranean deposits leaks out and it never reaches the surface because it’s eaten up and destroyed by the ocean. So let’s not panic here, folks. If there’s plumes of oil ten miles wide under there it’s probably not going to be nearly as bad as all the doomsayers say. It never is as bad as the doomsayers say, is it? Global warming is not as bad as they say. In fact, it’s a hoax. So why not have a little common sense, a little reason attached to this, but you can’t do that because then you stall the advancement of the left’s agenda, then you have Juan Williams, ‘Oh, yeah, well, let’s just go pour some oil in there, let’s do that, yeah, ocean will take care of it,’ and these guys said, ‘Who said that?’ Nobody is saying that. Nobody, not one person that I know of has ever said let’s just go dump some oil in the ocean. So it’s just fascinating to watch this. And again, the environmentalist wackos, I think this oil spill is a lot on you. I really do.

When does the nation connect dots on all of this? Look at the environmentalist extremists, the greeniacs and say, ‘Are you guys happy now?’ Remember we’ve had Democrats and media leftists saying, ‘Ah, thank God for the spill, this proves God’s a Democrat.’ What kind of thinking is that? God is a Democrat? What kind of God do you Democrats have? God pollutes, God destroys? This is what you think? God raises taxes? I mean what the hell is going on here? God gives Iran more time to get their nuclear weapons by coordinating a deal with the Turks and the Brazilians? God is going to feed 200 people from Michelle God’s White House garden at a Wednesday night state dinner? Thank God, God must be a Democrat? When do we ask the Sierra Club to pick up the tab for this leak? Everybody’s focus is on BP and Halliburton and Transocean. Let me connect the dots here for you. The greeniacs have been driving our oil producers off the land from offshore to way offshore to way, way, way out there offshore, from low risk to high risk, to higher risk. We are now forced to drill. One mile under sea, that’s 5,000 feet. Obviously it’s going to be a much more expensive problematic proposition to get oil from that depth than elsewhere and yet that is what has been forced on everybody here.

From the Los Angeles Times: ‘Biologist Dennis Takahashi-Kelso peered into the cobalt waters of the Gulf of Mexico 20 miles off the Louisiana coast. The only sign of pollution was a plastic bag floating beneath the surface. More than three weeks after the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded,’ because of a bad permit, ‘resulting in a leak spewing 210,000 gallons of crude per day into the Gulf, the fouled beaches and dead seabirds that are the hallmarks of catastrophic spills have yet to materialize. But Takahashi-Kelso, who was Alaska’s commissioner of Environmental Conservation at the time of the Exxon Valdez disaster, warned: ‘It’s going to be bad.’ Even as the spill breaks into separate strands, a nasty environmental storm is brewing below the surface, in deep columns of water teeming with life, from shrimp and fish eggs to dolphins and whales. Last week, researchers from the National Institute for Undersea Science and Technology reported on their website that they had found what they believe are large plumes of oil far beneath the surface.

”We have no idea where the oil that isn’t reaching the surface is going,’ said James Cowan Jr., an oceanography professor at Louisiana State University. ‘It could go everywhere.” It could go everywhere, not just anywhere. It could go everywhere. ‘Tar balls have washed ashore in three Gulf Coast states, strips have slick ribboned Louisiana’s Chandeleur Islands, and the whiff of petroleum has permeated the morning breeze. But most fishermen and residents haven’t seen any signs of the spill, aside from the media trucks parked in marinas and military helicopters whirring overhead,’ and eighth graders from St. Louis on field trips trying to see the destruction. Now, my friends, I’m not minimizing this whatsoever, not in the slightest. I’m just pointing out that all of the disasters that have been predicted with this spill have yet to happen. I’m not saying it won’t, but they have yet to happen, and I’m urging suspicion of all leftist media. Remember The Four Corners of Deceit. This spill — thank God, God’s a Democrat — this spill is nothing more than an opportunity for the left to continue to attack this country and the people who make this country work.

So now they got a hose down there, somebody finally succeeded in getting a hose down there, and some of the oil is now being suctioned from the leak through the hose into oil tankers, they think maybe a fifth of it. So an effort has been working, and of course there’s some jokes going, ‘Well, where’s the regime here, what did the regime do?’ Well, the regime’s lead environmental guy was on a raft trip or something when this happened, did not come off the vacation for it. And people are saying, ‘Well, what do you mean, Rush, where’s the regime? You’re always saying the government should be doing these kinds of things, the government ought to get out of people’s lives.’ Well, this is the kind of thing that a government private business partnership is all about, pooling our resources, like getting our men back on Apollo 13. This is one of those areas where it would be responsible for the regime to be involved, serious problem. But the regime’s not concerned about this. The regime sees this as an opportunity to blame capitalism again, to blame the people who make the country work, and to blame oil, to further their stupid, idiotic green agenda that brought Spain to its knees.

Meanwhile, the regime continues to give money away that we don’t have, which is not the role of government. Anyway, I’m long here. I gotta take a brief time-out. There is no hypocrisy in asking, ‘What did the regime do to help BP here?’ They got a little tube down there, whatever it is that’s siphoning at least a fifth, maybe a fourth of the oil now that’s being recovered. What did Obama do? It’s a legitimate question to ask, because he hasn’t done diddly-squat except, ‘I won’t tolerate, I won’t put up with it, no more, no, I won’t put up with it.’ He’s out there playing golf and basketball on Saturday during all this.


RUSH: I want to give you some more details about this oil spill and some interesting facts. Thirty years ago there was a Mexican oil spill, a deepwater oil leak, that lasted nine months. Have you ever heard about it? Thirty years ago. 1980. Have you heard about this leak? It was a nine-month gusher, a nine-month leak in the Gulf of Mexico, I think it was. And the Gulf is still there, and all the resort towns. They’re still there. What happened? Where did the oil go? What happened to it? In September of 2009, this rig, Deepwater Horizon, ‘drilled the deepest oil well in history at a vertical depth of 35,000 feet.’ We had to go down 5,000 feet to start drilling and then another six miles after that to get the oil. What the environmentalist wackos are making us do is drill down 35,000 feet, 6.6 miles, when there’s oil practically begging to be taken out of the ground in areas that are now off-limits because of US regime regulations.

This rig, the Deepwater Horizon, 6.6-mile deep well is the deepest in the world.


RUSH: I was not kidding, Mr. Snerdley. The regime has announced eight investigations into the Deepwater Horizon explosion and the oil spill. And it’s in no less than the august Washington Post today. ‘The April 20 explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig and the massive oil spill that has stemmed from the accident have prompted eight formal investigations so far, and more could be coming.’ Meanwhile, British Petroleum and others have succeeded in attaching a tube to a portion of the gusher down there, and they’re siphoning some off. The price of oil is going up. BP says, ‘Hey, let’s recover some of this,’ and so while the private sector is actually doing something about this, making some progress, what’s the regime doing? Eight investigations! And the purpose of the investigations is to shift blame to everybody but the government. Even though, keep in mind, the regime said last year that this rig was a model of safety.


RUSH: Mission Viejo, California, Ken, I’m glad you called, sir. Nice to have you on the program.

CALLER: It’s my pleasure, Mr. Rush, Maha Rushie. We have a new configuration on golf courses here in California up in the Santa Barbara-Goleta area. Unfortunately ’cause the environmental wackos don’t let us drill, the pressure in the ground is so great the oil seeps up to the golf course. So if you hit a good drive you’re liable to end up in an oil trap in the middle of the fairway.

RUSH: Now, how much exaggeration are you putting into the story?

CALLER: Let me check my shoes. No, there’s not any exaggeration.

RUSH: You mean the oil is virtually seeping into the fairways?

CALLER: Yes. It seeps up everywhere unless you got concrete on top.

RUSH: Santa Barbara and where did you say?

CALLER: Goleta.

RUSH: Goleta.

CALLER: A town just a little north of Santa Barbara.

RUSH: Okay. So the point being, here we’re having to drill 5,000 miles deep and then 35,000 more feet after that and yet we’ve got oil ready to be tapped here on shore?

CALLER: There’s oil ready to be tapped on shore, and, frankly, even like you say on the Continental Shelf. We’ve got the environmental wackos gone wild to where they are controlling the agenda and we can’t even recover our own oil. If we allowed, you know, responsible what I would say environmental-friendly drilling, we could get ourselves out from under the gun of this foreign oil cartels that have been using our money to pay for the nuts that try to blow us up.

RUSH: Well, there’s no question about that, and it makes you wonder, doesn’t it, what the real objective of the environmentalist wacko’s is? Now, we know that they’re anti-capitalist, we know they are anti-progress, and we know that they are anti-the country. We know that they don’t like oil. So here we have an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that leads a Democrat media commentator to say, ‘God is a Democrat,’ meaning this is a great thing that’s happened. So you have a person on the left who speaks for many other leftists expressing joy that the oil spill has happened. Now, why? What is the good in this? Well, if you look at it from the left’s point of view, through their ideological and political point of view, they think that this kind of oil spill, so bad, so horrible, will convince the American people to never, ever again support any oil drilling anywhere by Americans. But note that none of these people ever travel the world and tell the ChiComs to stop drilling or the Saudis or the Kuwaitis or anybody else, the Vietnamese, the Cubans, the Mexicans. It’s only us. It’s only America which is supposed to stop drilling. It’s just another eye-opener as to who these people are: Anti-progress, anti-capitalism, pro-big government, want to roll back lifestyles and so forth in this country, and they are running the oil drilling agenda.


RUSH: Well, isn’t this rich? Ken Salazar, the secretary of interior, responding to British Petroleum’s successful attachment of a tube to the oil leak and siphoning some of the spill to the surface and into oil tankers, is saying, ‘It’s not a solution. This technique is not a solution.’ Fine. What are you doing, Ken? Besides launching eight investigations into it, what is the federal government doing? What’s the regime doing about this? ‘But Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Limbaugh! You say that you don’t want government doing things and now you’re recommending the government do things.’ I am suggesting that the government has its priorities out of whack, Mr. Castrati. The government’s primary purpose is to protect and defend the people of the United States and it’s not doing that. This government is destroying the very capitalist system that led to the greatest amount of prosperity of people in the history of the world. He sits up and says (doing Obama impression), ‘I’m not going to put up with it! I won’t put up with it anymore. I’m not going to tolerate another leak. I’m not going to put up with it.’ So go ahead and have your investigation. Somebody is trying to stop the leak! You guys say from afar, ‘That technique is not a solution.’ Nobody said it was a solution, but they are trying! They’re doing what they can.

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