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“If you think Obama is looking out for you, you’ve been sold a bill of goods. In authoritarian regimes, the end user always ends up getting the shaft.”

“This so-called stimulus bill has little to do with stimulating the economy and everything to do with stimulating the Obama presidency.”

“Exercising increases my appetite. The first two or three days of strenuous exercise, it doesn’t. After that the appetite becomes voracious, and it’s a never-ending cycle.”

“They’re arguing over $50 billion or $100 billion to pay your mortgage. Well, not yours. You’re probably paying yours. You don’t count.”

“You can’t sue members of Congress, but a dereliction of duty lawsuit would be cool. Every congressman has to swear under oath that he did or did not read the bill before voting for it.”

“We are talking trillions of dollars here and a total reordering of the American culture, politically and socially.”

“The reason nobody’s asking, ‘Did America win?’ is because they know the answer. America did not win. Americans will be paying the price for years, if not decades to come.”

“The president’s on a three-day vacation, but I’m here, folks.”

“I’m not taunting anybody. I’m exercising my free press rights to free speech while they last. I want to get as much out of the First Amendment as I can before it gets shredded.”

“You have to understand the housing crisis is not brought to you by the Bush administration, and it’s not brought to you solely by the banks. It’s brought to you by Jimmy Carter.”

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