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RUSH: Audio sound bite number 27. The Forehead was on CNN’s John King USA show last night and King said, ‘General Stanley McChrystal…’ You know, folks, this is fascinating. Afghanistan is costing more per month than Iraq did. Do you know that? You didn’t know that, did you, because the Drive-Bys are not reporting it. Afghanistan is costing more than Iraq did — and remember all that talk of (doing Obama impression), ‘We gotta get out of there! For all we’re spending in Afghanistan and Iraq, whyyyyy, we could have national health care,’ all that kind of thing? So John King said to The Forehead, ‘General McChrystal says ‘nobody’s winning’ is progress. To a Democratic Party where you have an intensity gap politically, this is a big policy question, but in a political year how is that message — ‘nobody’s winning’ and it’s costing more than Iraq, how is that — going to sell?’

BEGALA: I talked to Tommy Sowers, a young army major now out of the Army. He’s a Ranger, Green Beret, really heroic young man. He’s running for Congress in Cape Girardeau, Rush Limbaugh’s old district. Even there, he’s telling me, he’s hearing more and more concerns. People are very nervous about Afghanistan more than Iraq now because it looks like Afghanistan, we are plussing (sic) up the troops there

RUSH: Yeah. (interruption) I know. ‘My old district,’ as though I used to hold it, as though I used to represent before I went national. My old district. Now, the congresswoman who currently holds the seat is Jo Ann Emerson and you note The Forehead said, ‘Even there Rush Limbaugh’s old district! Even there they’re starting to get upset here about what’s going on. Even there!’ (laughing) I just had to let you hear that.

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