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RUSH: Pam in Lafayette, Louisiana, great to have you, thank you for waiting. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s an honor to be talking to you.

RUSH: Thank you so much.

CALLER: Yes, I just wanted to make a comment about Dauphin Island and people going to lower Alabama wanting to volunteer. No one loves the beach more than the locals, okay? They make their living there, they love their surroundings. I went past an island this weekend and they had a bunch of the vacuum trucks, everybody’s all ready should any oil come to shore, they’re all ready for it, and I’m not meaning to be ugly to these eighth graders, but there’s very limited roads in Dauphin Island. If those trucks need to move and stuff, I find that those eighth graders probably would hurt their effort to help the area, as opposed to help it. Also, in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach and so forth and a lot of the hotels along the coast and a lot of the restaurants, they’re getting a lot of cancellations due to the media coverage. Well, there’s no oil on the beach. It’s business as usual. It’s great down there. I had lunch with a gentleman from Gulf Shores on Sunday, and he was telling me that they had called on the locals of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach to come down and just kind of clean up the beach and make sure any obstructions are out of the way, and so that if anything were to happen they would be ready to roll.

RUSH: Now, I know I’m going to get raked over the coals for this. Snerdley and I were just talking about this at the top of the hour. How many weeks have we been awaiting Armageddon?

CALLER: I’m telling you —

RUSH: How many weeks —

CALLER: — hurts these merchants.

RUSH: How many weeks have we been waiting for the entire southern coast and the East Coast of Florida to be drenched in oil? We’re supposed to by now have seen thousands of dead birds and pelicans, all of it covered in black gold, and so far, so far it’s not an event. I know it still could be, and I know the media is hoping it still will be, but it isn’t yet. I mean there’s one dead dolphin, they found some sea turtles, but they don’t know why. We don’t have dead birds yet. We don’t have any of that. Now they’re talking about it going to Texas.

CALLER: Can you believe this? So I guess everybody’s going to have to cancel Texas. But please, don’t cancel those reservations, talk to the locals, talk to the restaurants, please keep their economy rolling. Everything is good, it’s beautiful down there, enjoy the beach. Let’s just say you couldn’t go to the beach. There are so many things you can do in the area. Please help our fellow merchants stay in business.

RUSH: As usual, it’s average citizens against State-Controlled Media.

CALLER: Well, that’s right. And you know what happened to them in Gulf Shores after the locals cleaned the beach and everything? They had some buses from Birmingham that showed up wanting to clean the beach and the locals are like, ‘The beach is clean, what are you all doing here? Go home.’ They took trash out of the trash cans and put it on the beach and made like they were cleaning.

RUSH: Typical.

CALLER: That’s sad.

RUSH: No, it is sad, but it’s also quite typical. Look, I’m glad you called.

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