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RUSH: Now, yesterday we had a poll for you, the Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, about this massive amount of support, 64% nationwide support the Arizona law. F. Chuck Todd, who is NBC’s White House correspondent, political director, whatever, could not believe it.

TODD: How about that new immigration law in Arizona? Well, a whopping 64% support the law, and we read them the law verbatim, exactly as it’s been written, 64% approve of it, 34% oppose it.

RUSH: See, Chuck, you probably read it for the first time yourself when you read it to the respondents. Maybe Chuck hadn’t even read it, maybe his pollsters did. So for a change they actually read the law. They didn’t spin it, and they didn’t spike the question, they actually read the law to these people, what do you think of this, 64% said right on, right on, right on, right on, right on, and, meanwhile, F. Chuck Todd is out there thinking the law is full of racial profiling and Nazi-like stuff, give me your papers, he’s stunned, he is shocked. And he went even further.

TODD: We did, and we asked it specifically on the issue of, would you be in favor of racial profiling when it comes to combating terrorism, and guess what? A majority said yes. It’s a slim majority, but a majority nonetheless, 51% would approve it happen, 43% disapprove of it, clearly this issue of terrorism is something that people, they’re willing to give up some of their own personal rights, and they’re willing to see some racial profiling, Brian.

RUSH: F. Chuck Todd just can’t believe what his own poll showed. My God, do you know what? A majority said they would actually support racial profiling to combat terrorism! And he’s stunned. He literally can’t believe it. A Gallup poll published yesterday: ‘After two months as the clear No. 1 perceived problem facing the country, unemployment/jobs dipped to No. 2 in May, while ‘the economy’ in general moved back into the top position.’ Now, the economy and jobs are kind of related, don’t you think? But the big surprise: ‘Americans grew more likely to name immigration (including illegal immigration) as the nation’s most important problem, moving that issue into fifth place.’ It skyrocketed from barely 1% to 10%. Now, the economy and unemployment are between 23 and 26%, 25%. Illegal immigration skyrocketing as an answer to the question of what do you think is the most important problem facing the country today? ‘The even steeper increases seen among Republicans and conservatives highlight a major aspect of that concern — the belief that illegal immigration needs to be curtailed.’ I guess we’re to assume from this that Democrats don’t think illegal immigration is to be curtailed, which we know.


RUSH: There’s another thing in the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that F. Chuck Todd was upset about, and it is this. Sixty percent of the American people support more offshore drilling. Sixty percent support more offshore drilling, despite the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It had to kill ’em to report that. I got it right here from MSNBC.

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