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RUSH: Chris Matthews — (laughing) Let me tell you something. I have to tell you people about this. Two days ago, Chris Matthews on MSNBC show Hardboiled devoted the whole show, desperate to be mentioned on this program, Chris Matthews devoted the whole show, begging, challenging any Republican to come on and denounce me. Any Republican. He gave any Republican, wherever, the opportunity to come on his show to denounce me. Last night, he announced the results.

MATTHEWS: Yesterday, we invited any Republican officeholder who disagrees with Rush Limbaugh to come to Hardball and tell us Rush is wrong, easy statement, I would think that he’s gone too far, that Rush is not the leader of the Republican Party. Well, so far, no Republicans called us or asked to come on Hardball.

RUSH: Probably, Chris, because they didn’t know you had issued the challenge or had offered the opportunity. (laughing) It’s real simple.

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