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RUSH: Well, by now you probably heard about the story at Page Six in the New York Post today. I got up, I opened my e-mail this morning — (interruption) you haven’t heard about it, Dawn? Well, hundreds of people have sent it to me. Zev Chafets, a renowned and well-known author, he was the writer of the New York Times Magazine piece on me whenever it was, a year ago, and Zev’s done a book about me. I ended up participating in the book because he’s gonna write it anyway, and it’s entitled: Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One. The book comes out on May 25th and Zev told me he got 200 interview requests in the first half hour when the publisher, Sentinel, announced the book’s availability on May 25th. So the New York Post story today has to do with something Zev said, I think last summer, ‘You know, I know Axelrod, would you play golf with Obama?’ I said, ‘Sure, but it will never happen, Zev.’ ‘But, I mean, if you would play golf with Obama it could show everybody we could all get along and so forth.’ ‘Go for it, but I’m telling you it’s not going to happen. If he went out and played golf with me, his base would go nuts.’

I knew he was going to call Axelrod. He called Axelrod ’cause he knows Axelrod a little bit, Axelrod didn’t get back to him, so this is what I didn’t know, this is what I learned today in the New York Post for the first time. Oh, and that New York Post story is the most viewed domestic story on the Internet today. So Zev Chafets calls some Democrat activist and says, ‘Look, Axelrod won’t help me here. Would you see if Obama would be willing to play golf with Limbaugh?’ A couple days go by and the activist calls Zev back and says, ‘You tell Limbaugh to go play with himself.’

I said, ‘Now, wait a second. They’re confusing me with Bill Clinton.’ A little Joycelyn Elders lingo there. They’re confusing me with Clinton. So anyway, that’s in this book, An Army of One, and it made Page Six today. I had no idea that that’s what the reaction was. All I remember being asked was would you do it if they invited you. I said, ‘It’s never going to happen. You don’t have to sweat it.’ I didn’t have to sweat it. I knew that it would never happen. So that’s the story on that.

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