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RUSH: Capitol Hill. Senate Environment and Public Works Subcommittee where everybody is trying to blame everybody else for the oil spill. Oceana has on its board of directors the actor Sam Waterston, from Law & Order He’s the liberal DA. Waterston took the stand and testified today.

WATERSTON: As of today at least four million gallons have spilled into the Gulf of Mexico. Until this leak is stopped, oil will continue to harm life, both in the ocean and on the shore. We need to end all new offshore drilling, including for exploration.

RUSH: Yep, yep.

WATERSTON: The Gulf tragedy was created by an exploratory well.

RUSH: Yep, yep.

WATERSTON: And we can now see that even exploration poses serious risks to the marine environment and coastal economies.

RUSH: Yes, of course it does. So we gotta stop. The Chinese are not going to stop. (interruption) He’s an actor! That’s what makes him an expert. He’s on the board of directors there. It says here he’s on the board. Meanwhile, the Mexicans… (interruption) I know he’s never played an oil guy, but he’s prosecuted plenty of them. Don’t distract me here! The Mexicans aren’t going to stop drilling, the ChiComs are not going to stop drilling, the Saudis aren’t going to stop drilling. The Cubans are even making deals to drill, or at least licensing their share of the ocean floor. Angola is going to drill in the Gulf of Mexico. The Vietnamese! (sigh) Gee. Who woulda ever thought that the Vietnamese would be drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico while we have actors running around and Democrats saying, ‘We gotta stop drilling. We have to stop drilling. It’s going to destroy everybody and everything’? But they don’t make the ChiComs stop, and they don’t suggest that the Angolans stop. (sigh) You know Ho Chi Minh has got to be having — wherever he is, even if he’s in hell — the biggest laugh of his life.


RUSH: British Petroleum. They have drilled 5,000 wells, just like this thing in the Gulf. Sam Waterston shows up, we gotta stop this. Meanwhile, the Vietcong, folks, the Vietcong is drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, Angola. Sam Waterston joins the Democrats and says we gotta stop this. I wonder if Sam Waterston was upset — do you remember the deal that Gordon Brown made with the Lockerbie bomber? That was about oil. The UK surrendered the Lockerbie bomber to cinch an oil deal with Libya via BP. BP, British Petroleum, was involved. Gordon Brown wanted some oil for Great Britain. They don’t have any. Well, they’ve got it, but they have to import just like everybody else does. So they made a deal with Moammar Khadafy, BP, in exchange for releasing the Lockerbie bomber, an oil deal was struck.

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