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RUSH: Here’s Carla in Roanoke, Virginia. Welcome to the EIB Network. Great to have you here.

CALLER: It is great to be here, Rush. I’m so glad you took my call.

Thank you, I’ve been hearing about all the terrorist stuff but we haven’t heard anything from Ali Limbali. Where has he been and why has he been silent?

RUSH: Ali Limbali. Ali Limbali, as is so often the case, people who have an association with this program eventually climb the ladder of success and get their own programs. And this happened to Ali Limbali.

CALLER: Oh, I’ve been missing him.

RUSH: Well, I do, too. It’s impossible to hold onto everybody because we believe in growth and opportunity for everybody. But Ali Limbali moved on about — people may not know who she’s even talking about, grab any Ali Limbali bit. Okay, here’s who Ali Limbali is.

(playing of Ali Limbali spoof)

RUSH: That’s Ali Limbali, who last I heard he had his own gig in New Jersey. Is that right? Paterson, New Jersey. Moving on up. (laughing) Moving on up, moving on up.

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